Amaranthaceae (Pigweed family)

GROWTH HABIT: A course, erect annual, usually 2 to 3 feet tall.

LEAVES: Leaves have long petioles and prominent veins. They are somewhat broad and lance- shaped, and often become reddish.

FLOWER: Individual flowers are small, green and tightly arranged in large, branched, spike-like, terminal clusters. Smaller axillary flower clusters may also occur. Flower clusters are full of stiff, spine-like scales, making this pigweed additionally undesirable in hay.


SEEDS: Seeds are small, black and shiny.

OTHER: Redroot pigweed is widely distributed throughout the western states, commonly found in cultivated lands, gardens, and waste areas. Germination occurs anytime during the growing season when soil moisture is sufficient. A related species, Powell amaranth (A. Powellii S. Wats.), can be distinguished by examining the bracts, Powell's amaranth having longer, narrower, pointed bracts than redroot pigweed.

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