(Centaurea maculosa Lam.)

GROWTH HABIT: Biennial or short lived perennial, up to 3 ft. Tall. Rosette formed first year, flowering stalk elongates second year.

LEAVES: Long and divided below, short and narrow above. Covered with fine hair.

STEM: Erect with slender wiry branches. Covered with fine hair.

FLOWER: Seed heads mostly on branch tips, solitary, to 1" diameter. Pink to purple, rarely white. Seed head bracts are black tipped, with 5 to 7 pairs of short feathery appendages.

ROOTS: Taproot not well developed

SEEDS: Brownish, 1/8 " long, notched on one side of base, short tuft of bristles at tip end.

OTHER: Very aggressive, can infest large areas quickly, offers very little big game or livestock forage value.

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