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FFA Agronomy Contest


  1. Identification - two 15 specimen classes
    (15 weed plants and 15 crop plants)
    4 points will be allowed for each correct identification. In seed identification, 20 seeds at 4 points each will be allowed.
  2. Contestants will record common names only as listed. Other names than those on the list will be counted wrong.
  3. One point will be taken off for incorrect spelling.
  4. This section will be separated into two parts as shown below.


Contestant Name ________________________________
Contestant No. ____________________

Crop Plants and Weed Plants
Seed Identification

A. Noxious and/or Prohibited Weeds Photo Seed Photo Seed
1. Canada thistle X X 9. Perennial pepperweed X
2. Common burdock X 10. Perennial sowthistle X
3. Dalamtian toadflax X 11. Plumeless thistle X
4. Field Bindweed X X 12. Quackgrass X X
5. Hoary Cress X 13. Russian knapweed X
6. Leafy spurge X 14. Scotch thistle X
7. Musk thistle X X 15. Skeletonleaf bursage X
8. Oxeye daisy X X 16. Yellow toadflax X
B. Semi-harmful Weeds Photo Seed Photo Seed
17. Buckhorn plantain X X 22. Povertyweed   X
18. Blue lettuce X 23. Swainsonpea   X
19. Field Dodder X X 24. Wild oats X X
20. Puncturevine X X 25. Jointed goatgrass X X
21. Common ragweed X X 26. Wild proso millet X
C. Common Weeds Photo Seed Photo Seed
27. Barnyardgrass X X 48. Venice mallow X
28. Blue mustard X 49. Curlycup gumweed X
29. Buffalobur X 50. Wild mustard X X
30. Bull thistle X 51. Japanese brome X
31. Chicory X 52. Kochia X X
32. Common chickweed X 53. Common lambsquarters X X
33. Common sunflower X X 54. Marshelder X
34. Common cocklebur X 55. Mousear chickweed X
35. Common yarrow X 56. Common salsify X
36. Curly dock X X 57. Prickly lettuce X
37. Dandelion X X 58. Annual pricklepoppy X
38. Downy brome X X 59. Pigweed Spp X X
39. Knotweed X 60. Nightshade Spp. X X
40. Field sandbur X 61. Sheep Sorrel X X
41. Field pennycress X X 62. Russian thistle X X
42. Smallseed falseflax X 63. Shepherdspurse X X
43. Foxtail barley X 64. Skeletonweed X
44. Green foxtail X X 65. Pinnate tansymustard X X
45. Canada goldenrod X X 66. Tumblemustard X
46. Western Sticktight X 67. Wild buckwheat X
47. Horseweed X 68. Common purslane X X
D. Poisonous Plants Photo Seed Photo Seed
70. Seaside arrowgrass X 75. Lupine X X
71. Deathcamas X 76. Princes plume X
72. Halogeton X 77. Two-grooved milkvetch X
73. Geyer larkspur X 78. Western waterhemlock X
74. Tall larkspur X 79. Woody aster X
E. Grasses Mounts Mounts
80. Alkali sacaton X 93. Needleandthread X
81. Bluebunch wheatgrass X 94. Orchardgrass X
82. Blue grama X 95. Prairie sandreed X
83. Buffalograss X 96. Redtop bent X
84. Canada wildrye X 97. Reed canarygrass X
85. Crested wheatgrass X 98. Red threeawn X
86. Giant wildrye X 99. Russian wildrye X
87. Green needlegrass X 100. Inland Saltgrass X
88. Idaho fescue X 101. Meadow foxtail X
89. Indian ricegrass X 102. Slender wheatgrass X
90. Intermediate wheatgrass 103. Smooth brome X
91. Kentucky bluegrass 104. Tall wheatgrass X
92. Meadow fescue 105. Timothy X
106. Western wheatgrass X
F. Legumes, Cereals and Oil Crops Mounts Seed Mounts Seed
107. Alfalfa X X 117. Safflower X X
108. Alsike clover X X 118. Amber durum wheat X X
109. Barley X X 119. White wheat X X
110. Birdsfoot trefoil X X 120. Sorghum X X
111. White clover X X 121. Sudangrass X X
112. Red clover X X 122. Foxtail millet X X
113. Sweetclover (white/yellow) X X 123. Flax X X
114. Cereal rye X X 124. Triticale X X
115. Cicer milkvetch X X 125. Red Wheat X X
116. Sainfoin X X 126. White Oat X X
X X 127. Oat X X


PART F - Soils and Land Judging

  1. Time: 45 minutes
  2. Value: 300 points
  3. Test
    1. Determination of land capability class. (200 pts)
      Land Classes I-VIII (See Score Card)
    2. Fertilizer and Soil Amendments. (100 pts)
      (See Score card)


The contestant will be supplied with the following materials for use during the contest.
  1. A sample of the surface soil, which must be handtextured. This information will be used to select the surface textural class and the surface textural group in Part 1.
  2. A textural triangle, which will be used to determine the texture of the subsoil from the data supplied on the scorecard for Part 1.
  3. Two views (slides on a screen) of the soil to be judged in Part 1, which will be used to help determine Land Class and Vegetative Treatment.
  4. A copy of the Guide to Wyoming Fertilizer Recommendations, which will be used with data in Part 2 of the exam, to determine fertilizer recommendations.
  5. A two page scorecard for entering the contestants answers.

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