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Lessons Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, in the Union behind Rolling Mill Cafe


3.6.08-Dean Collins Shim Sham
This past weekend we hosted a clinic to learn a different version of the Shim Sham. If you were there and already forgot or you weren't there and would like to learn, we posted a video from Saturday in the media section.
9.13.07-Big Apple Clinic
This is to all of the people who signed up for the Big Apple Clinic (and those who might be teaching):
The Big Apple will be taught in Corbett Gym from 12-2pm on two Saturdays: September 22 and September 29. Meet at the north entrance of Corbett. Cost is $5 for the clinic or $10 for a shirt and the clinic. We will collect money on the 22nd.
8.29.07-Welcome Back!
Hurray! It is the first Wednesday of the school year, which means dust off your dancing shoes and join us to dance the night away in the Union.