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Become a UWYO Abroad Ambassador

What are the ambassadors?

Are you interested in sharing your experiences with the campus community? Think about getting involved with the Education Abroad Office throughout the semester!  The UWYO Abroad Ambassadors are a group of students passionate about education abroad and who want to share their experiences with the campus community.  We offer training and a retreat at the beginning of the semester and ask that you participate in various events throughout the semester (minimum of 4 events or 1 event per month).  You can participate in already established events like tabling, pop-in advising, and classroom presentations or you can get creative and find other ways to give back!  In the past, students have written news articles about Education Abroad, they have (re)created marketing materials for us, and they have written testimonials!  

Why become an ambassador?

We want you to get the most out of this opportunity and want to give back to our ambassadors for all the hard work they do with us:

  • We provide students with opportunities for professional development throughout each semester including resume reviews, workshops on how to market your international education, and writing references for ambassadors.  
  • We will provide a LinkedIn review for each ambassador who completes all of the program requirements. 
  • At the end of every year we will host a celebration for our ambassador with a certificate of completion and various awards for outstanding ambassadors. 
  • You can put this ambassadorship on your resume! As a small group of students on campus, ambassadors not only studied abroad but they chose to promote education abroad at the University of Wyoming! 

Check out our Student Hub to learn more about what is happening! 

Want to become an ambassador?  Fill out the registration form for the upcoming semester.  In the meantime, check out our current UWYO Abroad Ambassadors! 

Meet the Current UWYO Abroad Ambassadors

Eileen Vis headshot

Name: Eileen Vis

Major: International Studies

Year: Sophomore

Studied abroad: London, England & Germany

“I chose to study abroad because I love traveling and wanted to incorporate that into my education. My study abroad really helped me find the path I want to continue down. It showed me that the world is waiting and that I can navigate it successfully.”

Tia Barrier

Name: Tia Barrier

Major: Dental Hygiene 

Year: Sophomore

Studied abroad: University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I chose to study abroad to explore another culture and landscape while continuing my studies, allowing me to expand my world knowledge not only in the sciences, but in culture. My study abroad experience was so impactful because I have changed. Simply that. Through all of the experiences, ups and downs, I have shaped into a stronger person, and I know I will never be the same. I am proud of my experiences and the person I have grown into during my time in Australia.”

Karolina Klatka

Name: Karolina Klatka

Major: Dance and Environmental Science

Year: Senior

Studied Abroad: London, England & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I chose to study abroad for the opportunity to explore new culture, ideas, and languages. Especially as a dancer, it was incredible to spend time dancing in a big city with other emerging artists, and to see how large dance projects come to fruition. It was also a chance to build connections with other dancers and artists. My study abroad experience opened me to a new culture - its people, its food, its dancing and art, and its transportation system. It helped me appreciate how other people live and work, and also gave me insight into what I wanted to do in the future -- earn a yoga teaching certification.”

Maya Adelt

Name: Maya Adelt

Major: American Studies

Year: Senior

Studied Abroad: University of Birmingham, England

“I chose to study abroad because I wanted to experience the academic culture of a large and prestigious British university. I was exposed to so many different perspectives during my time there, which changed the way I see the world!”

Alannah Gee

Name: Alannah Gee

Major: Environmental systems sciences with minors in Photography and Honors

Year: Junior

Studied Abroad: CIEE in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I chose to study abroad because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow as a student of the world. I also wanted to improve language skills and explore a new culture. I became much more confident in my independence and my skills. I feel much more like me now that I have studied abroad. I think it impacted me positively professionally as now I have many skills to understand and communicate with people that are different from me.”

Colorado French

Name: Colorado French

Major: International Studies

Year: Sophomore

Studied Abroad: Iceland, Germany, and France

“I choose to study abroad because I have always wanted to see the world, and I am a true believer that studying abroad is insanely important to get a high-quality education. Studying abroad has helped me develop personally by understanding more about other cultures and looking back at how I do things differently. Studying abroad has also helped me get out of my comfort zone, which will help me tremendously when I enter the professional world.”

Michaela Forty

Name: Michaela Forty

Major: Agriculture and Applied Economics with a concentration in International Agriculture

Year: Senior

“I chose to study abroad because I have always had a desire to see the world, and with a direct exchange through UW to National Dong Hwa University, I was able to do just that. I studied in the master's program in the College of Environment and Natural Resources and learned so much about the local region, myself, and broader global issues. My exchange also advanced my career goals of connecting Wyoming and Taiwan through trade. More importantly, I met so many inspirational and formative people who have shaped my path. So thank you, Cowboys Abroad!”

Shelby Heaster

Name: Shelby Heaster

Major: Business Management with minors in Spanish and Honors

Year: Junior

“I chose to study abroad because I originally wanted to go to school in the U.K. but I scored one point too low on my ACT to get into the college I wanted to go to.  I ended up at UW, and I’d heard plenty about the numerous options for study abroad over the years. So, when the opportunity arose to study in London for a few months and take classes for UW credit that my financial aid would pay for, I jumped on the idea. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and now I’m looking at living in the U.K. for a while after I graduate! Personally, I would like to think I became a lot more open-minded. You think you know so much about the world when you’re in your little home bubble, but the second you leave your comfort zone and that bubble bursts, you realize how small we all really are. I’ve travelled long distances before, but doing it without parents or people I actually knew was something I’d never done. Going to London was the best thing I could have done for myself.”

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