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Guiding Principles | Overall Goals

Guiding Principles

People have responsibilities for their own health; but communities must create environments that foster good health and provide health options.

Principles of body-size differences and size-acceptance

  • Accept and value every body, whatever size or shape.
  • Help people feel good about their bodies and about who they are.
  • Recognize that people of all sizes and shapes can reduce their risk of poor health by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Challenge your own size-prejudice beliefs.

Principles of positive self-acceptance

  • Value yourself regardless of your size or shape.
  • Identify your strengths and abilities and build on your assets.
  • Be critical of messages that focus on unrealistic body images as symbols of success and happiness.

Principles of physically active living

  • Enjoy physical activity every day.
  • Participate in activities for the joy of feeling your body move.
  • Make physical activity fun.

Principles of healthful and pleasurable eating

  • Take pleasure in eating.
  • Take control—eat when hungry and stop when satisfied.
  • Follow the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Honor the gift of food.

5th grade versions of WIN the Rockies Principles

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Overall Goals

The WIN the Rockies project's overall goals were twofold: to enhance the well-being of individuals by improving their attitudes and behaviors related to food, physical activity, and body image; and to help build communities' capacities to foster and sustain these changes.

Ultimately, the project sought to reverse the rising tide of obesity in the three states by focusing proactively on prevention and positively on health (rather than weight) at the individual and community levels.

In addition to serving the general population, the project provided specific outreach to youth, limited-resource audiences, and heavy adults.

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Guiding Principles | Overall Goals 



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