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  • Enhance the well-being of individuals by improving their attitudes and behaviors related to food, physical activity, and body image, and
  • Help build communities' capacities to foster and sustain these changes


Individual / Interpersonal Level:


  • Quantity and quality

    • Increase fruits and vegetables

    • Increase grains and legumes

    • Decrease saturated fat

    • Increase healthful beverages (water, non-fat milk, and 1% milk)

    • Decrease soft drinks and sweetened beverages

    • Control portion sizes


  • Eating enjoyment - Increase

    • Appreciation of food

    • Mental presence while eating

    • Frequency of family meals

Physical Activity - Increase

  • Frequency and duration

  • Joy and pleasure

  • Appreciation of its benefits

Body Image

  • Increase acceptance of the view that well-being should be based on a healthy lifestyle, not on achieving a specific weight or an unrealistic image

  • Counter and reduce prejudice based on body size and shape

Institutional / Community Level:

Increase the number and effectiveness of community policies, practices, and programs that support changes made by individuals.


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