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Pleasure of A Kiss

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures! All foods can fit in a healthful eating plan. One of the keys to healthy and normal eating is to experience the great sensations of every bite of food. We often let our fast-paced lives force us into rushed and distracted eating. Ever eat while driving a vehicle? Or, eat while watching TV? Here is an activity designed to help participants experience the great pleasures and sensations of eating. This heightened awareness is what the WIN principles call the presence of eating.

To conduct this activity, one chocolate kiss is needed for each participant. Distribute the kisses and provide the following instructions.

  1. Do not eat the kiss right away!

  2. First, admire the shape and color of the chocolate kiss.

  3. Take a deep smell of the chocolate through the foil wrapper.

  4. Anticipate how the kiss will taste.

  5. Slowly unwrap the chocolate.

  6. Now take another deep smell of the chocolate. Is the aroma stronger now?

  7. Slowly place the chocolate in your mouth.


  9. Let the candy melt slowly in your mouth and savor the flavor and note the changing texture.

  10. Close your eyes and pretend this is the first piece of chocolate you have ever tasted.

Food for Thought:

  • Was the one chocolate kiss satisfying?
  • Do you usually eat chocolate this way?
  • What would happen if you ate all food this way all the time?
  • Do you think people would eat more or less food if the sensations of eating were fully experienced with every eating occasion?
  • Eating can bring great pleasure and satisfaction to our lives. Rushed and distracted eating limits our satisfaction from eating. With this in mind, how much of your own eating is from hunger, and how much is from a search of satisfaction that was not met by your last meal or snack?

Source: Betty Holmes, WIN the Rockies Project Coordinator, PO Box 4238, Laramie, Wyoming 82071.

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