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WIN Kids Jeopardy    


This energizing educational trivia-style game for 10-  to 13-year-old youth is played similar to the popular quiz show.  The four rounds of the game are designed to accompany the WIN Kids lessons or can be used independently.  The focus is on reinforcing enjoyment of physical activity, pleasurable and healthful eating, respect for body-size differences, and benefits of self-acceptance.


Informational files:


WIN Kids Jeopardy instructions sheet (PDF format)

Round One Text (PDF format)

Round Two Text (PDF format)

Round Three Text (PDF format)

Round Four Text (PDF format)



WIN Kids Jeopardy game files (in PowerPoint):


            Round One (PowerPoint file)

            Round Two (PowerPoint file)

            Round Three (PowerPoint file)

            Round Four (PowerPoint file)

            Blank Round (PowerPoint file)

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