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Thought Bullets
October 2001

The Joy of Physical Activity

A guiding principle for WIN the Rockies and WIN Wyoming states: enjoy physical activity every day. I often encourage people to stop thinking about grueling workouts and start thinking about zestful play. Gary Werhonig, Wyoming state coordinator for WIN the Rockies, forwarded an article to me from The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. I was thrilled to find an article that articulated the importance of the fun and enjoyment provided by physical activity. The authors (Henderson, Glancy and Little) make a strong argument for increased recognition in research for the importance of enjoyment associated with physical activity. They believe the importance of enjoyment is often overlooked because it is a characteristic difficult to measure. When it comes to physical activity, we can measure heart rate, distance, time, and oxygen consumption, but how do we measure fun and enjoyment?

Source: Karla Henderson, Maureen Glancy, Sandra Little.  "Putting the fun into physical activity," The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, October 1999, Volume 70, No 8, Page 43; ISSN: 0730-3084.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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