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Thought Bullets
November 2001

Health At Any Size:
Implementing the concepts in a clinical setting

I read with interest an article in the 2000 March/April issue of the Healthy Weight Journal. The author, Cindy Byfield, outlines the frustrations many dietitians have in a clinical setting when they try to embrace the concepts of health at any size. Dr. Byfield states how difficult it is for many health professionals to follow these concepts when they have strict orders from the doctor to "get this patient to lose weight." Dr. Byfield offers some great suggestions on how to implement the principles of health at any size, even when a health professional works in a clinical setting that may not fully embrace the concepts.

Source: Cindy Byfield, RD, PhD, "The New Paradigm in Action," Healthy Weight Journal, March/April 2000, pages 27-28.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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