WIN Wyoming

Thought Bullets
January 2002

Walking Wellness

Last fall, Mary Kay Wardlaw and several other WIN Wyoming members attended a Walking Wellness program. They brought back 4 books written and co-written by the presenter, Robert Sweetgall. Rob has walked across America seven times since 1982. In his former life, he was a chemical engineer. After losing several family members to heart disease, he decided to take his health message on the road (literally). Here are some of the highlights I captured from his books.

Source: Walk the Four Seasons by Robert Sweetgall, 1992, ISBN 0-939041-14-6; Pedometer Walking by Robert Sweetgall, 2001, ISBN 0-939041-20-0; A Journey to Wellness, Walking Across the Navajo Nation by Rob Sweetgall and the Navajo Nation Journey-to-Wellness Team, 1999, to order: call 1-800-762-9255; Walking Off Weight by Robert Sweetgall, Roba Whitely, and Robert Neeves, 1989, ISBN 0-939041-10-3

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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