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December 2002

McDonald’s Changes Fat, but Food Giant Still "Over-serves"

Craig Wilson recently wrote an article for USA Today where he argued he did not overeat. Instead, he was simply "over-served." He mentioned eating doughnuts from his Mom so as not to hurt her feelings, and eating candy from a colleague so as not to be rude. Craig considers himself to be in "pretty good shape" because he can still see his toes - he just can’t touch them anymore.1 I read the article in the humorous light it was intended, but I also compared the concept of being "over-served" with all the news surrounding the changes in the fat formula used by McDonald’s in the making of its fries. Several news sources around the globe reported on McDonald’s change in cooking oil, and a query about the change generated over 54,000 hits on the search engine I used.

"Euphemisms for gluttony tip the scales in our favor," USA Today, Craig Wilson, October 16, 2002.

2 "McDonald’s gambles, cuts "trans fat" in french fries," USA Today, Bruce Horovitz, September 3, 2002.

3 "McDonald’s Fat Debate Goes On," The New York Times, Marian Burros, September 11, 2002.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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