WIN Wyoming and WIN the Rockies

Thought Bullets
August 2002

Lifestyle Physical Activities
Physical Activity - Your Way, Every Day

I recently heard a new definition for a spectator sport - itís when 22,000 fans in need of physical activity watch 22 athletes in need of rest. The thought bullets this month are dedicated to physical activity. They are based on the WIN the Rockies workshop conducted by the Cooper Institute and held in Jackson, Wyoming, from June 4-6, 2002. The workshop was presented by Ruth Ann Carpenter and Erin Sinclair and focused on developing lifestyle community-based physical activity programs.

Source: The Cooper Institute, 12330 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas 75230, 800-635-7050. Workshop presented by Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RD, LD, Associate Director for the Division of Research, and Erin Sinclair, BS, CHES, research associate.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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