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September 2002

The Seductress of Vanity

Did you catch the article written by Susan Dominus in the New York Times on May 5, 2002? In her article entitled "The Seductress of Vanity," Susan describes a typical week for a well-known cosmetic dermatologist in New York. The week is filled with procedures of facial peels, laser treatments, collagen shots, liposuctions, and Botox injections (injections of a diluted botulinum toxin). After reading the article, I glanced in the mirror and noticed my ever-graying head of hair and the collection of "character wrinkles" around my eyes. I then read the article again with the mission of trying to understand why some women go to such extremes to alter their looks instead of embracing their own uniqueness, which includes the signs of years gone by. Here are some of the insights I gained from my efforts.

Reality Alert from Betty - The benefits of physical activity should not be judged only in the context of body dimensions and include such things as 
* decreased risk from chronic diseases like heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes; 
* increased strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity; 
* improvement in several markers of health including blood pressure, immune function, bone health, and blood lipid profile; and 
* psychological benefits including improved mood and stress relief.

Source: "The Seductress of Vanity" by Susan Dominus, New York Times, May 5, 2002.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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