WIN Wyoming and WIN the Rockies

Thought Bullets
October 2003

"Body Mass Challenged" - One manís perspective

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the WIN thought bullets. What a journey! Five years ago I had no idea what a great adventure it would be with the expanding efforts of WIN Wyoming to include two successful Shaping A Health Future Conferences, and the USDA funding of a three-state project called WIN the Rockies. Thanks for coming along for part, or all of the journey. I would like to dedicate the thought bullets this month to Suzy Pelican, who has been our beacon of unwavering light and direction for this journey. On behalf of the entire WIN Wyoming and WIN the Rockies teamsó thanks Suzy!

The thought bullets this month come from an article written by Fred Barbash. Barbash is a freelance writer who tackled the obesity issue from his own personal perspective.

Barbash F. Itís a Weighty Problem, But A Crisis? Címon. Washington Post. August 31, 2003, page B01.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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