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Thought Bullets
July 2003 

The Shape Weíre In

Highlights from series of articles in the
Wyoming Tribune-Eagle

My Grandma sent me a series of articles on obesity that recently ran in the Cheyenne newspaper. Grandma is approaching her 90th birthday, and it is very interesting for me to see the changes in our daily lives over the last nine decades through her experiences.

For this monthís thought bullets, I captured some of the highlights of the articles that I found to be the most intriguing.

- Donna Keyt, member of the Take Off Pounds Sensibly group in Cheyenne

- Mark Fenton, host of PBSí program called "Americaís Walking"

- Richard Killingsworth, director of Active Living by Design

- Richard Killingsworth, director of Active Living by Design

- Gail Woodward-Lopez, director of the Center for Weight and Health, 
University of California at Berkeley

- Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar of Detroit

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle
, Cheyenne: June 1, 2003, pp. A1, A6; June 2, 2003, pp. A1, A10; June 3, 2003, p. A8; June 5, 2003, p. A12.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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