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February 2004 

Student Academic Success Tied to Physical Fitness

When I was a young girl growing up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, P.E. classes were a daily occurrence in my grade school and junior high school. Some kids loved P.E. Some kids hated P.E. All kids participated in P.E., with the exception of a few of my friends who came up with very ingenious ways to be excused from P.E. A lot has changed in the last 30 to 40 years. As I visit schools now, Im often alarmed by how few schools offer daily P.E. classes. There is a growing national effort to return physical education classes to the school day. That effort received a major boost when the California Department of Education released results from a 2001 state study that tied academic success to physical fitness.

Source: California Department of Education, News Release, December 10, 2002, accessed via website on January 20, 2004;

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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