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April 2004 

Positive body image - Insights from Lewistown, Montana

Last month I had the opportunity to present an in-service training on body image to all employees of the public schools in Lewistown, Montana. Iíve now been promoting the concepts of WIN Wyoming for almost six years. Except for water skiing, elk hunting, playing Aunt Betty, running with my dog, and a few other passions of my life, Iíve done few things for more than six years without boredom and apathy setting in. Iím now adding promotion of our principles as one of the great passions of my life. As I read the evaluations after the program, I sat in awe and wonderment of the insights offered by these amazing school teachers, school administrators, and school food service workers from Lewistown. Here are a few of my favorite insights.

Source: Selected evaluations from "Size It Up!" program presented by Betty Holmes; In-service training for school district personnel in Lewistown, Montana; March 2004

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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