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Thought Bullets
August 2004 

Accepting and Loving Your Body
Website of the University of Kentucky - Cooperative Extension Service

Randy Weigel, Human Development Specialist for the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service, recently shared a website with me from the University of Kentucky. Trust me, you need to visit this website! Of all the possible tasks you could accomplish in the next three minutes, I hope you find as I did this is an amazing way to invest just three minutes of time. Click on the flash presentation for Accepting and Loving Your Body. The website also has a power point presentation you can download as well as quotations on the subjects of size diversity and healthy lifestyles (click on the Health and the Body icon on the quotations page). I was completely enthralled by the beauty and wisdom of this website. Listed below are a few of my favorite insights from the website.

Website of the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences:   Accessed July 12, 2004.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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