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February 2005

Why arenít people more active?

Given all the benefits of being physically active, Iím often perplexed why so many people lead essentially sedentary lifestyles. My days are arranged around a time to be active (walking with my dog, hiking, water-skiing, cross-county skiing, etc.), so Iím on a one-person campaign to inspire others to join me in enjoyable daily physical activity. Iíve read the findings from many polls that asked people why they were not more active. Can you guess the most common response? If you guessed lack of time, you are correct. The cross-sectional survey for WIN the Rockies included a question asking participants their initial reaction to the term physical activity. Responses included: Who has the time? And, Who has the time! Yet, the time Americans dedicate to daily television watching indicates to me that lack of time may be the perceived hurdle to more active living, but other factors are at play. With my own personal insights, it was with great interest I read a recent MSNBC article on the reasons adults list for not being more active. The results come from an informal poll conducted on the website for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). A total of 1523 people responded to this question: What keeps you from going to the gym?

Winning strategies

For many people, gyms are a great way to stay physically active. For others, gyms are not the answer. Thank goodness there are so many choices on the path to physically active living! My favorite way to stay active is any option involving the great outdoors, but if the Wyoming wind is enough to keep you inside, consider all the options you have (water aerobics, yoga, dancing, team sports, etc.) Jacqueline Stenson, author of the MSNBC article, highlighted a list of strategies for staying active in 2005. The suggestions came from a panel of experts from ACE.


Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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