WISPR  New Thinking

Fly Eye Group

Work in this area includes research and development of new and highly capable sensors inspired by various biological systems.  Current work is heavily involved with a vision sensors that mimic many aspects of the eye of the common house fly (Musca domestica).

The image to the right depicts an electron micrograph of the Musca domestica eye, with a schematic representation of the mini-retina aparatus superimposed on the image.  More images are shown at the bottom of this page.

Research Projects:

Faculty Researchers:

Dr. Steven F. Barrett, P.E.

Dr. Cameron H. G. Wright, P.E.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Anderson

Dr. Mike Wilcox (U.S. Air Force Academy)


Past and Present Graduate Student Research Assistants:

John Benson
Leslie Benson
Jeff Anderson
Pam Beavis
John Davis
Jeremiah Hansen
Will Harman
Brian Dean
Gavin Philips
Geoff Luke
Kari Fuller
Tim Olson
Robert Madsen
Jenny Newton
Michael Stephens
Travis Anderson
Roopa Prabhakara
Tom Schei
Dylan Riley
Eric Tomberlin


Past and Present Undergraduate Student Research Assistants:

Gavin Philips
Jennifer Barnes

Brannon McCullough
Stephanie Popp