Table 3-3. MEIOSIS

INTERPHASE: replication of DNA (4N)
	Leptotene: condensation of chromatin
	Zygotene: pairing of homologues
	Pachytene: crossing-over and recombination
	Diplotene: synaptonemal complexes dissociate
	Diakinesis: chiasmata disappear and homologues begin to repel
METAPHASE I: one face of each homologue centromere binds to a spindle fiber
ANAPHASE I: homologous pairs separate and begin to move
TELOPHASE I: chromosomes migrate to each pole, cell division (2N)
PROPHASE II: spindle fibers rearrange and chromosomes recondense
METAPHASE II: chromosomal pairs align along spindle equator
ANAPHASE II: sister chromatids separate and move to opposite poles
TELOPHASE II: each daughter cell nucleus has one set of chromosomes (1N)