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Audrey Kleinsasser
Wyoming Hall 415

Office Associate:
Wyoming Hall 412

Mailing address:
1000 E. University Ave.
Dept. 3374
Laramie, WY  82071

Fax: 307-766-3792

Wyoming School-University Partnership

The Wyoming School-University Partnership is closely involved with the institutions and organizations listed below.  Click on their links to learn more.

Statewide Level

University of Wyoming: The Partnership is housed in the UW.

UW College of Education: The College of Education is an integral component of the Partnership both in terms of intellectual and financial support.  Dean Kay Persichitte sits on the governing board's executive committee.

Office of Teacher Education (UW College of Education):  The Office of Teacher Education supports undergraduate and graduate level students in their academic paths toward becoming educators.

UW College of Arts and Sciences: The College of Arts and Sciences is a strong supporter of the Partnership's work.  Associate Dean Audrey Shalinsky sits on the governing board's executive committee.

Wyoming P-16 Education Council: A statewide collaborative group seeking to create a seamless system of education in Wyoming.  Different from the Partnership in that it works more directly with policy.

Science and Mathematics Teaching Center (UW College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences):  The SMTC facilitates collaborative and interdisciplinary education and initiatives supporting teachers across Wyoming.

UW Outreach School: The Outreach School supports distance learning across the state to offer innovative and meaningful academic opportunities for students of all ages, interests, and locations.

Wyoming Community College Commission: The statewide organization coordinating the work of Wyoming's seven (7) community colleges.

Wyoming Department of Education: The state-level institution overseeing the education of Wyoming students.  WDE is member of the Partnership, and a representative from the organization sits on the Partnership's governing board.

Wyoming National Board Certification: A state-wide initiative to increase the number of national board certified teachers to strengthen the quality of classroom teaching in public schools.

National Level

National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER): A collaborative and membership-based organization working to renew schooling and teacher education across the nation.  NNER seeks to advance the "Agenda for Education in a Democracy."  The Partnership is a member of the NNER.

Institute for Educational Inquiry: A national organization focused on advancing the "Agenda for Education in A Democracy."

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: A standardized and rigorous certification for teachers seeking to strengthen their teaching skills and improve student learning.

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