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How to Use Technology for Additional Student Support

More educational support resources are going out there on the market than ever before and it can be important to encourage these resources for students who may be struggling with some class material. In this article, we wanted to provide some free resources that are often mentioned and have been critiqued by educators online who have seen merit in some of the ways these enrich the learning experience for students.

1) Khan Academy: Probably the most known of the online resources mentioned, Khan Academy has received multiple education-focused grants in order to expand its growing library of educational support material. Khan Academy covers a wide array of subjects from coding to economics to math and science. It unites a lesson-based approach with exercises for students to practice the material and gain experience points from demonstrated ability. In that regard, it also utilizes gamification principles to keep students interested in continued practice. Resource Link: Khan Academy Link

2) Quizlet: This website and app allows students/teachers to access flashcards and study tools in order to practice a wide range of subjects. Part of the strength to this form of studying is it can help in cooperative studying so that an individual can work on assessment at home to check on understanding before the test. In addition, many of the core topics in math and science have multiple flashcard sets aligned with them which can help to vary the questions asked. An important note is there could be some benefit in a teacher vetting some of the flashcards to ensure that the material is being asked in a way that is in alignment with the class curriculum. Resource Link: Quizlet Link

3) Duolingo: This tool has also garnered a lot of attention and does come with paid subscriptions as well. For the free option of the resource, students can practice a wide variety of languages and work to develop memorization and application of proper grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Part of the strength to this resource is the overlap of the material in various lessons to help reinforce what is currently being worked on by the student. Resource Link: Duolingo Link

4) Trello: Trello is not an academic-focused tool, but rather an organizational one. Within this resource, students can practice developing realistic timelines, setting up schedules, and planning out sections of the project to be finished at regular intervals. Another aspect of this tool is to allow for collaboration and setting up information on what needs done and when which can be a helpful asset in group projects. Trello also allows for color coding and adding distinctions so that students can practice prioritization. One aspect to this resource is it can be helpful for a teacher to first introduce the subject and practice a bit with the student to see if this is accessible and potentially beneficial for the student. Resource Link: Trello Link

5) BetterExplained: This mathematics resource is a bit different in how it presents the class topics. Rather than focusing on how to do certain equations, it focuses on the meaning behind what is being done utilizing visual aids. A resource such as this has a great deal of information to sift through, but this can act as a positive supplemental device for teachers to check on during key topic areas. In addition, multiple articles focus on why math is done certain ways and some of the principles governing the formulas. Resource Link: BetterExplained Link

6) GrammarGirl: This website was developed with grammar tips in mind and has pulled together other resources for student support. Still, the focus of why this site was included is due to its accessible grammar tips and the ways in which it encourages detailed analysis of grammar to provide meaningful support for students. Some critiques of this site include the layout’s ad-heavy nature and its lack of interactivity. Still, students can search for common grammar questions and often find an informative and example-filled response. Resource Link: GrammarGirl Link
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