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Start Strong in Writing


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will my writing classes look like?

    • In-class time is limited, and out-of-class work is essential
    • Writing classes are student-centered and smaller than other college-level courses
    • Technology matters, even in a writing class
    • Grades
  • How can I get help in writing?

    • Numerous ways to get help, if you reach out
    • Opportunities

What will my writing class look like?

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In-class times is limited, and out-of-class work is essential

  • In writing classes at the community college- or university- levels, students are expected to do more independent work outside of class, such as reading texts, working on assignments, and writing. 
  • In-class time is used for presenting new material, class discussion on texts, and peer review days.
  • With writing, students are expected to produce much of their writing outside of class. Instructors give feedback on first drafts, and students might submit later drafts, after feedback has been read and changes made.

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Writing classes are student centered and smaller than other college-level classes

  • Smaller class sizes are good for exploring new ideas, both in class discussion and through your writing.
  • With smaller class sizes, you can get to know your instructor and peers throughout the semester. Successful students have relationships with their instructor and peers, as they can help support you.
  • Also, smaller classes are ideal to receive individual attention on improving your writing, so take advantage, for both the class and for writing in future classes (even if you're not a English major, you'll have to write throughout your college career, and beyond college).

Top Tip Text: Research Project? Consult a Librarian

Technology matters in a writing class

  • Almost every writing class requires students to compose their work on computers, and most ask for hard-copies (which means access to a printer). Know where you have access to the technology you need (try your campus's computer library).
  • Familiarize yourself with any technology your instructor uses for class. Some teachers ask you to submit papers with the campus-wide system and use its comment feature. Others use email and Word. Some have you turn in hard-copies. Know what to expect ahead of time, so you don't miss feedback or a deadline scrambling with how the system works or finding a printer (or stapler).
  • Library systems and databases are great resources. They are also difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with them. Ask your librarian for help learning the system and finding sources.


  • Grades are weighed differently in college writing classes, with more emphasis on papers and less on daily assignments. To be successful, know what you are being graded on (this information will be in the course syllabus).
  • Another strategy for success is to keep track of your grades throughout the semester.
  • For papers, most instructors will give you a prompt, and some will provide a rubric.  Keep both of these close to you, and review them often throughout the writing process. Making sure your paper is following the prompt and rubric is vital for a successful paper.

How can I get help in writing?

Numerous ways to get help, if you reach out

  • At UW and the Wyoming community colleges, there are lots of ways to get help with your formal, academic writing. As in-time class is limited, take advantage of help outside of class.
  • It is your responsibility to reach out to your instructors and other opportunities and ask for assistance.
  • You'll get much more out of talking to your instructor or a writing tutor if you come prepared and with a specific question or focus (e.g., brainstorming an idea, reviewing your thesis, transitions).

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Some opportunities for writing assistance include:

Office Hours
Writing Centers
Peer Review
Northwest College Writing Tips

Purdue Owl

Check out opportunities for help in writing at your institution by clicking on the logo.

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McWhinnie Hall, Room 213

Dept. 3374, 1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-3274


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