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Welcome to the Wyoming History website from the University of Wyoming. This site features articles about Wyoming history, but also includes photographs and articles about other aspects of history, including places from around the world.  Covers and content pages for Annals of Wyoming are linked to this page as well.  This site is maintained by Phil Roberts who teaches courses in the History of Wyoming and the American West in the Department of History, University of Wyoming.




























Medicine Bow Peak, Snowy Range, west of Laramie. Lake Marie is in the foreground. The lake was named by surveyor Charles Bellamy (1851-1934) in honor of his wife Mary Bellamy (1861-1955) who, in 1910, was the first woman elected to the Wyoming State Legislature. Wyoming was the first state to require professional engineers to have licenses and Charles Bellamy was the first to register, making him America's first licensed professional engineer. (Photo by Phil Roberts)






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