Department of Anthropology

Molly Herron - Adjunct Professor


2022 M.A, University of Wyoming

2019 B.A, University of Wyoming

Molly Herron became the Collections Manager at the University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository in January 2023. She holds a master’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology from the University of Wyoming and a bachelor's in anthropology and museum studies also from the University of Wyoming. Molly is passionate about public engagement and curation - working to educate the public on archaeological collections while ensuring the preservation of Wyoming’s material culture. She has worked on pre-contact and historic archaeological sites around Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana and with various repositories and museums around Wyoming and Colorado. Her research interests are in zooarchaeology, specifically using microscopy to analyze the morphological structure of bone, ivory, enamel, and keratin. She is most interested in studying human megafauna interactions and the role of domestic canids in the archaeological record.

As the Collections Manager, Molly is responsible for research, public outreach, publications, and collections management according to Wyoming Statute 36-4-106(d). She believes that maintaining the highest standards of collections care for the Repository is critical to ensure that collections are accessible for research, education, outreach, and interpretation for the benefit of the public. As an Adjunct with the UW Department of Anthropology, she also teaches the Collections Management class, which gives students practical skills and teaches the standards and ethical background necessary to care for archaeological collections properly.

Molly Herron

George C. Frison Building Room 145A


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