Travel Opportunities

Field Courses

Every summer the art department offers an outdoor studio course. The course is generally four weeks in length and is guided by art department faculty.


ART 4620 Outdoor Studio

Outdoor Studio uses the local landscape as a stepping off point for making art. In the studio, slide presentations and videos are used to introduce the history of landscape in art and how contemporary artists are using the land, or environmental concerns, as a major component in their work. Students work in designated landscapes where we will approach the outdoors like it is a studio. Techniques that incorporate the use of atmospheric perspective, mark making, directional lines, color, and shape will be practiced in the field. We will examine how the physical approach and experience of the landscape alters the resulting work. Discussions and critiques will focus on techniques used to make landscape imagery as well as content related to the land. The course will be taught around Albany County with a required field trip to the AMK Ranch in the Tetons.


Jackson LakeView from Jackson Lake LodgeOutside of LaramieChimney RockOutside of Laramie Lake Outside of Laramie

International Opportunities

Contact the UW Department of Art & Art History about the study abroad options currently being offered. Most international opportunities have scholarships available for students.

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