Our research is focused on evolutionary and ecological genetics. We are particularly interested in speciation, hybridization, and the genetics of adaptation, with complementary fascination by details of meiosis and computational science. We use tools from molecular biology, computational biology, statistics, and modeling. Members of the lab have studied the genetics of a variety of organisms (including butterflies, birds, conifers, dicots, fish, bacteria, and fungi) and share a curiosity about ecological and evolutionary processes. Additional details ...

Lab members

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The Buerkle lab will no longer be adding any new members. Alex Buerkle will maintain a relationship with UW, but is moving to employment with Gencove at the end of May, 2022.


  • hindex — software for estimation of a hybrid index
  • introgress — software for mapping components of isolation in hybrids
  • bamova — software that implements a Bayesian Analysis of Molecular Variance
  • bgc — software that implements Bayesian estimation of genomic clines
  • dfuse and simadmix — programs for forward-in-time simulation of hybridization and admixture
  • CNVRG — R package that implements Dirichlet-multinomial modeling of count data using STAN
  • entropy — ancestry estimation in autopolyploid and mixed-ploidy individuals using genotype-likelihood data


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