This program calculates a hybrid index for individuals of unknown ancestry. The index is based on information from molecular markers and uses maximum-likelihood to estimate the proportion of alleles that were inherited from one of two hybridizing parental species.





Bayesian estimates of genomic clines

This software implements Bayesian estimation of genomic clines between divergent lineages. Estimates are based on genotypes that are known or are estimated from DNA sequence reads. For most applications this software replaces introgress and bgc will continue to receive further development and enhancements.




This software implements a Bayesian Analysis of Molecular Variance and different likelihood models for three different types of molecular data (including two models for high throughput sequence data).





This is a software package for mapping components of isolation in hybrids. It is an R-package that implements various methods for the analysis of gene introgression in hybrid zones.





dfuse and simadmix are programs for the simulation of hybridization and admixture. They are variants of the same model and implement forward-in-time simulations of populations of diploid individuals, ancestry of their complete genomes based on modeling junctions, and the effects of finite population size, migration, and selection on genomic composition.