ECTL Library


The ECTL library is a wonderful resource for researching specific ideas regarding teaching and learning.  Our books cover a wide variety of subjects and themes related to the teaching and learning experience, and include many of the most well liked and well respected books on the subject.  All our books are available for checkout and can be shipped to off-campus faculty at their location.  Additionally, we have ongoing subscriptions to "The National Teaching & Learning Forum" and the "The Teaching Professor", with issues available to read in our library, or to checkout. 


Our library is now searchable via LibraryThing, click here to search!



IMPORTANT: The above image shows a screenshot of the EllbogenCTL library listing. PLEASE search only our library as indicated by the large black arrow.



If you see a book (or two!) you would like to borrow please contact us via e-mail or telephone: 766-4847.

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