Legally 21: sentimental favorites

     Songs with various weighted ties ...                                             

1. Rum and Coca Cola. Andrews Sisters. "You vex me" Right back atcha, sis

2. Sonny Rollins. Everywhere Calypso. 

3. Koerner, Ray and Glover. Black dog. White boy folk blues from my past

4. Bunky and Jake. One more cowboy.  Shower stall in Providence, way back. Lullaby for my kids

5. Offspring. Self estem. People who think the 80s and 90s were musical deserts need to loosen up

6. Edith Piaf. La vie en rose.  Ou peut-être je pourrais avoir choisi " Non, je ne regrette rien "

7. Manu Chao. Mi vida. Mi vida, "burbuja de jabon..."   Y todo lo hizo un pajaro sencillo (Neruda).

8. Mariza. Locoura. Did I still subliminally understand Portuguese (fluent till 7 yrs old)?
               Did my Brazilian nanny, Paula, sing fados or corimas?

9. Mestre Ambrosio.  Pescador or Pé-de-calçada.  My parents had Brazilian 78s that
              sounded like this. "Ja faz tempo que eu sai de casa pra viver  .... no mar."

10. Ministry. Psalm 69.

11. Sam & Dave. Soothe me. It does. Sam Cooke song ...

12. Elvis Costello. Watching the detectives. For the lyrics.
                    E.g., "she's filing her nails, while they're draggin' the lake," "she pulls your eyes out with a face like a magnet"

13. The Equators. Feelin' high. Maybe the greatest ska dance song.  The revival CD is okay,
                   but the original vinyl (Stiff Records) is what rocks me. Jamaican immigrants in Birmingham.. 

14. The Mekons. (Some times I feel like) Christian Fletcher. Punk to forever.
                   New album "Natural" is great (Charles Darwin). The band you would want for a month-long house party.   

15. Wire. In the art of stopping. Punk classic "Pink Flag", then years later, this great song

16. On the strip. Sonic Youth. some of the no wave worked.   

17. Hurt. Johnny Cash. Open-minded guy. Great cover of a Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails song. 

18. Tom Ze. Defect 14: Xiquexique. Otimo! 

19. Blondie. The tide is high.   Guilty pleasurea: pc disco for the image-conscious reggae fan
              Soundtrack for owning a quarter of a huge house in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle ante-Microsoft
                  ("je ne regrette rien," though I suppose I could have retired early, if I had held onto it).

20. Gogol Bordello. Start wearing purple. energetic stage show

21. CocoRosie. Good Friday. Let's end on a whimsical note,
             "just because the sky turned from gray into blue" " If every angel's terrible, then why do you welcome them?"

                                            Or Mississippi John Hurt's Richland Woman, and Maria Muldaur's voice when she was with the Jim Kweskin Jug Band

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