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College of Education

Literacy Research Center and Clinic

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-3156


LRCC Tutoring

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2021 Summer Clinic Tutoring is Currently Full

The UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic is located within the College of Education at University of Wyoming. The goal of the Clinic is to provide diagnostic assessment and individualized tutoring to school-aged students on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, as well as to students across the state.

Our focus is helping children who are experiencing difficulty learning to read and write. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers, school administrators, and Clinic faculty, tutors and coaches assess each child’s strengths and needs, and then implement appropriate research-based interventions. Children who participate have many different learning profiles. Some struggle just a bit, while others experience severe reading or writing difficulty. Some are diagnosed as having specific special education needs, while others are not eligible in their respective schools for special support services in reading and writing. Some do reasonably well in reading, but struggle in writing.

The faculty and tutors at the UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic are educators committed to continually improving their practice. They read and discuss current research and theory related to reading and writing development, as well as effective teaching practices. They seek not only to understand methodology, but also the research and theory behind the methodology. Tutors at the UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic work under the direct supervision of University of Wyoming faculty to deepen their understanding of research-based assessment and instructional practices within each of the five domains of literacy through discussion and shared inquiry, participate and engage in ongoing research projects, and engaged in weekly planning of intensive, systematic instruction aimed at working within children’s abiding interests while accelerating their learning gains. To this end, all tutoring sessions are video-recorded for teacher reflection, as well as for analysis of our instructional approaches.

Working collaboratively with the UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic faculty, tutors assess each child and implement individualized instruction within a one-on-one setting. The UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic staff will also work collaboratively with schools and families to build congruence between the work in the program and the instruction that occurs in the child’s regular classroom.

Tutor and StudentTutors and Readers      




“I thoroughly enjoy working at the Literacy Clinic as it equips me with the tools and techniques for when  become a teacher. My various mentors at the Clinic have guided me and continue to assist me with beneficial feedback and support.” E.L.


“The LRCC provided me with an advanced level of training that has encouraged me to refine my teaching and mentoring skills. An unexpected benefit of my experiences, as a tutor and a coach, at the LRCC has been an increase in my confidence to share my expertise with other teachers.” K.F.


“The LRCC was a great opportunity for me to learn more about myself as a teacher while also helping the bright minds of the future. The excitement and the energy in the LRCC is the best part about it, and I know every person there, instructor and student, was excited about learning.” D.K.



Working collaboratively with UW Literacy Research Center and Clinic faculty, tutors will administer evidence-based assessments in word study, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and fluency to determine the learning profiles of the children with whom they work. Selection of assessments will be based on the needs of individual children. Results will be reported to parents/guardians through a conference with the tutor and will also be entered into the student’s final report for the semester. These results will also be kept on file in the center as part of the child’s ongoing assessment portfolio.


During each tutoring session, tutors will plan and maintain a tutoring log detailing the reading and writing activities specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the child. Activities during each session will address each of the literacy domains: word study (phonemic awareness and phonics), fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing (composition and spelling). In addition, particular focus will be placed on teaching students how to become critical readers of web-based materials and other multimodal sources (e.g., visual arts). Based on the observations each day, tutors plan the next week’s activities and make any adjustments necessary to meet the evolving needs of the children. These logs will be kept on file in the Clinic as part of the child’s ongoing learning-assessment portfolio.

Tutor Tutor at Work Tutor and Child Working Together

Application Procedures:

To enroll your child in tutoring at the LRCC, please fill out an application (link found below) and submit the completed PDF application via attachment to Once your application is reviewed, the LRCC will contact you.

Updated Clinic Policy Procedures

  • To maintain up-to-date records, all enrollees will need to turn in a new application each semester they wish to attend.
  • To accommodate the growing waitlist of potential enrollees, students are able to continue with tutoring for 4 consecutive semesters (including summers). Each semester, all tutoring slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Information:

Before registering, please be sure that your child can attend all 16 days of the Session. There are limited seats available, and we wish to make sure all students who wish to participate fully get the opportunity.

*If registrations exceed our maximum capacity a wait list will be generated for our clinic. Please feel free to submit an application, but we may not be able to accommodate your student until the fall.

Registration Open Periods
Spring - begins on November 1st
Summer - begins on March 20th
Fall - begins on July 15th

Fall and Spring Sessions
Monday - Thursday
3:30-5 pm (one day a week)

Summer Session - Month of June
Monday - Thursday
9-10:30 am

Sign up instructions:  

  1. Download and fill out the Word document provided below Application Materials. (If you do not own Microsoft Word see the alternate sign up process)
  2. Attach the completed .docx file to an email attachment and send it to

Alternate Sign up instructions:

  1. Download the pdf, fill it out and sign it using the sign tool in adobe reader (available for free here.)
  2. Save the completed document.
  3. Lastly attach the completed .PDF file to an email attachment and send it to

Application Materials:

Alternate Method:

Payment information:

To view full details on upcoming clinic fees and schedules for 2017 - 2019 Please Click Here

To help ensure that the LRCC can continue to provide high quality clinical services into the future, we are instituting a new fee schedule to support material and operational costs. This schedule will be put in place on a staggered schedule to ensure that there is a smooth transition into our full fee schedule (effective for Spring 2019). With students attending, on average, 24 hours of one-on-one tutoring over the course of a semester, this schedule represents a breakdown of no more than $8.33 per hour of instruction for students who attend every session once the full amount is effective for spring 2019. 

Tutoring Fee
EFFECTIVE March 20, 2018
for enrollment in the 2018 summer semester through Spring 2019

Individual Literacy Tutoring

Per semester – Level 1

Per semester – Level 2

Per semester – Level 3

Semester Fee




Sliding Fee Information
Net Income or Status:
Level 1 = $50,001 and above
Level 2 = $25,000 to $50,000
Level 3 = under $25,000
Sliding fee rates are based on net income. To qualify for Level 2 or 3, documentation must be provided prior to making payments in the form of a tax return or personal letter showing evidence of financial hardship.

 Credit Cards and Checks accepted (Please Indicate Payment Method On Your Application Form)

After receiving your application, we will send an email notifying you of your enrollment status. Please do not make payments until you receive the enrollment verification email.

Pay By Credit Card
Credit card payment website is available. Please click here.

Pay By Check
If paying by check Please make your check payable to Literacy Research Center and Clinic and bring it on your first day.

Contact Information:

Dr. Dana A. Robertson

Contact Us

College of Education

Literacy Research Center and Clinic

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-3156


1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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