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Are there "extra" classes in Fall Bridge?

Fall Bridge classes are all part of the University of Wyoming’s general education sequence, so all courses are necessary for meeting University Studies requirements. Fall Bridge classes follow the same syllabi, assignments, and curriculum but feature smaller classes and carefully selected professors. Take a look at this USP chart to see a complete list of University Studies requirements met through both options. 

How many credit hours do I need in my first semester?

First-year students take between 12-15 credit hours in their first semester/

How many credit hours does Fall Bridge make up?

Option 1: Core        Option 2: Seminar

Total of 9 credit hours

  • 6 credit hours during fall
  • 3 credit hours during spring

Total of 3 credit hours

  • 3 credit hours during fall
  • 0 credit hours during spring

Link to more information about these courses.

When do I sign up for the rest of my classes?

After choosing a Fall Bridge option you will enroll in additional courses at June Orientation.    

What is the STEP 1101 course?

This course fulfills your first-year seminar (FYS) University Studies Requirement.  All sections of UWYO 1101 contain skills you need as a college student: research, critical thinking, reading, transition skills, etc. 

Each UWYO 1101 course is centered around a theme. We select themes based on a broad variety of students' interests and majors.

Examples of STEP 1101 courses 

Courses may vary year-to-year, and will fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Will the Fall Bridge essay impact my admission to the University of Wyoming?

No.  This essay is only a tool to help you select the Bridge option that is the best fit for you and is not used for admittance purposes.

Who reads my essay?

Your essay will be given to the instructor of your first-year seminar and your College Composition course, if you choose to take this class within the Bridge Program (Core option).

What is the purpose of the essay?

The purpose of this essay is to give you a sample experience with writing at a college level, assess your comfort with writing, and choose the Bridge Program which is the best fit for you.  College Composition is a required course for all UW students and students who have some anxiety about writing have found it helpful to take this course as part of their Bridge program (Core option).

Another purpose of the essay is that it gives your Bridge instructors a chance to get to know you before the fall semester begins.  Some instructors have made adjustments to class projects based on what they read in student essays, while others find ways to incorporate these essays in to future assignments.

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