What do students say?

Past Fall Bridge students speak about their experiences.



"The friends you make is the most important part. I still consider the people I met in the learning community my closest friends."


Study Groups

"I am in the same classes with the same people and it makes it a lot easier to study. I am very glad that this program is available."

Meeting Degree Requirements

"When I realized that I need all these classes to fulfill the general education requirements, Fall Bridge was an easy pick. I love the smaller classes and dedicated teachers in the program."

Favorite Classes

"Of all of my classes the ones I’m doing best in and look forward to going to the most as are my Fall Bridge classes."

Improved Study Habits

"Fall Bridge is an excellent program…It has helped me earn good grades and study more than I used to."

Teachers that Care

"It is nice to have teachers that care about the student, and I think this program made college less of a shock."

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