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2023 Making College Count

Making College Count is the LeaRN booklet for first-year students. In this handbook, you will find a month-to-month guide to first-semester success.


cover of Making College Count - hyperlinked to pdf of entire booklet

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  • Academic Calendar
  • Table of Contents

Starting the Semester 

  • Apps for Student Success
  • UW Policies
  • Housing Relationships
  • Online Course Success Tips
  • Creating a Budget
  • Setting Goals


  • Addressing Professors
  • Email Etiquette
  • Time Management and Owning Your Schedule
  • Navigating Difficult Classes
  • Citation Skills
  • College Cares


  • Early Alert
  • Prepare for Midterms
  • Seven Day Study Plan
  • Test Anxiety
  • Get to Know Coe Library
  • Explore the Counseling Center
  • Discover What Kind of Learner You Are
  • Notetaking Skills
  • Homesickness
  • Tips for Spring Break
  • The Value of Office Hours
  • Preparing for Advising


  • Braving the Cold Weather
  • Withdrawing from Classes
  • Creating a Budget
  • Credit Card Management
  • Financial Aid FAQs
  • November Reflection


  • Preparing for Finals Week
  • Mapping your Study and Exam Times
  • Course Options over the Break
  • Tips for the Summer Break
  • Applying for Scholarships
  • Final Reflection



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