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Graduate Courses

GIST 5200 - Geographic Visualization

Course emphasis is on advanced theory and hands-on practice in learning to create and apply interactive, dynamic, and multidimensional graphical representations of geographic data. The graphical representations are intended to facilitate the production and use of geographic knowledge in various application domains. Students will be introduced to Web programming to allow them to develop various kinds of online and mobile visualization tools. They will learn about and apply different approaches to evaluate the usability of the tools they create.

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GIST 5220 - Spatial Modeling and Data Analysis

Using raster modeling, hybrid vector/raster approaches, and geocomputational techniques, this course will explore a variety of modeling concepts and related issues. This course will examine a variety of both practical and theoretical issues, with special emphasis on understanding spatial questions that are not readily addressed by basic GIS. We will also consider issues related to error, resolution, scale, and a variety of other factors.

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GIST 5350 Enterprise GIS Systems

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the design, development, and management of enterprise GIS platforms. In addition to learning about enterprise architecture, students set up cloud services for managing, sharing, and processing spatial data using proprietary and open source tools. Prerequisite: GIST 5100

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