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Wyoming Pathways from Prison

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-5490


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Who We Are

Wyoming Pathways from Prison is a collaboration between the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Corrections. Many volunteers have provided countless hours of program support, of which we are grateful.

Kym Codallos

Kym Codallos, Co-Executive Director

Kym Codallos is a licensed clinical social worker and University of Wyoming faculty member. She has worked extensively with individuals both pre- and post-conviction in the state and federal systems and works in both private practice and consulting. She has been a Wyoming Pathways from Prison partner since 2018 and became Co-Director of the project in 2020. She has over 15 years of social work experience and over 20 years in the field of education.

Rob Colter

Dr. Robert S. Colter, Co-Executive Director

Dr. Robert S. Colter is Associate Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Wyoming, and has been involved in prison education through Wyoming Pathways from Prison since 2017. He published and researches in the areas of Ancient Greek Philosophy, Philosophical Pedagogy, and Prison Education. He is also the founder and director of Wyoming Stoic Camp, and was co-organizer of the 2019 UW Symposium on Transformative Education in Prison and Beyond.

Dan Fetsco

Dan Fetsco, Partnerships Coordinator

Dan Fetsco is an attorney and faculty member in the Criminal Justice & Sociology Department at the University of Wyoming. He began his career as a public defender and prosecutor in Carbon County, Wyoming, before working at the Wyoming Attorney General's office, engaging in appellate prosecution in state and federal courts, in addition to serving as the legal representative for the Wyoming Department of Corrections. He then spent 10 years as the Deputy and Executive Director of the Wyoming Board of Parole. He served on the Correctional Industry Advisory Board (CIAB), having been appointed to the CIAB by the Governor in 2014. He is also member of the Association of Paroling Authorities International (APAI), having served as Secretary for 2 terms and contributing articles to the APAI newsletter. He has also authored several law review articles on parole, restitution repayment, and inmate reentry.

Tiger Robison

Dr. Tiger Robison, Development Coordinator

Tiger Robison, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of music education at the University of Wyoming where he teaches courses in elementary general music methods, aural theory, world music, and supervises student teachers. In research, Tiger is comfortable in the quantitative, qualitative, and philosophical realms equally. He has diverse interests related to gender, music teacher preparation, music in early childhood, and most recently, modern music-making with prisoners. Tiger serves as a national columnist for General Music Today and his research is published or in press at the Journal of Music Teacher Education, General Music Today, Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, and the Journal of Popular Music Education among others.

Hayley Speiser

Hayley Speiser, Coordinator

Hayley Speiser is the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) Correctional Education Programs Manager and has been in this position since June 2018. She has worked with the WDOC for 9 years and began her career in education as an Adult Basic Education teacher at Wyoming State Penitentiary (WSP) were she taught for 4 years before becoming the Education Manager at WSP in 2014. During her years of service, Hayley has developed a reading program (Reading on the Inside) for inmates to read to their child(ren) via DVD. she has also assisted in implementing this program at other correctional facilities throughout the state. Hayley also serves as the WDOC Mentoring Program Manager, is a Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) investigator, and Motivational Interviewing instructor.

Susan Dewey

Dr. Susan Dewey, Advisor (founder/coordinator, 2016-2020)

After eight years of research and service at a Denver women's transitional housing facility, Dr. Susan Dewey co-founded the national award-winning college-in-prison program Wyoming Pathways from Prison with her colleagues Betty Abbott, Alec Muthig, and Katy Brock. Dr. Dewey is working on multiple projects derived from extensive research in over one hundred prisons and jails, and is currently Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama.

Alec Muthig

Alec Muthig, Advisor (founder/coordinator, 2016-2020)

As a founding coordinator of WPfP, Alec Muthig assisted in strategic planning, technology improvement, and partnership and fundraising development. He assisted with the introduction of "Philosophy in Prison" programming, co-organized the Symposium on Transformative Education in Prison (2019), and participated in national higher-education in prison research.

Betty Abbott

Betty Abbott, Advisor (founder/coordinator, 2016-2018)

Betty Abbott spent 16 years as the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) Correctional Education Programs Manager. As a previous WPfP coordinator she was instrumental in getting WPfP started and integrated into DOC programming. She has built many partnerships in WY Community Colleges, state agencies and others, and has been an active member of the Correctional Education Association (CEA), including appointment as their national Vice President.

Dr. Katy Brock

Dr. Katy Brock (founder/coordinator, 2016-2018)

Dr. Katy Brock previously acted as a coordinator of WPfP (2016-2018) and assisted in the development of teaching materials and facilitation of multiple courses, including Tutorial Instruction, Women in Society, Survival: What Lies Within, Financial Literacy, Memoir Writing, and more. Dr. Brock is currently faculty at the University of Jamestown in North Dakota.

Wendy Perkins

Wendy Perkins (photographer/support, 2016-2019)

Wendy Perkins is a social justice photographer. Her education is in photojournalism (B.A.) and communication (M.A.), with photography projects spanning topics such as Denver-based sex workers, LGBTQ communities, and inmates in the Wyoming prison system. She provides WPfP with photography services and organizational/infrastructure support.

Contact Us

Wyoming Pathways from Prison

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-5490


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