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COVID-19 Training Resources

Facilities Management: Social Distancing and PPE

COVID-19 has drastically altered the way we move through familiar spaces. As more people start returning to work and school, facilities management teams must grapple with a number of complicated decisions. In this course, instructor Shaun Bryant prepares you to face those challenges head-on, explaining how to arrange workspaces and classrooms to prepare for social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), working from home, and more. Learn how to change the way people enter buildings. Explore the proper placement and distribution of hygiene stations, as well as how to apply directional flow to avoid cross contamination.

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Resilience and Mental Health

Resilience is one of the most common traits of successful, happy people. Developing your resilience will not only help you to cope with challenging situations, but it can help you reach peak performance and enhance satisfaction, both in your personal and professional life.


  • Staying the Course in uncertain times

    Video (2m 56s)

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    With disruption rampant in a variety of different markets, many companies are left to grapple with workplaces that have become increasingly chaotic. But chaos doesn't have to be your organization's new normal. In this course, instructor Mory Fontanez examines the most common causes of chaos inside companies, as well as how to address these issues at a systemic level to create a steadier, more connected workplace.

  • Creating Psychological safety

    Video (7m 29s)

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    By creating a culture of psychological safety—in which team members feel comfortable taking risks—you can lead these diverse teams to greater success. In this course, leaders who've worked with organizations ranging from the New York Times to the NBA explain how to create a work environment where every team member feels valued, seen, and ready to innovate.

  • Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Change

    Course (53m 16s)

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    What makes grief, loss, and change so challenging is the difficulty we have experiencing and expressing unpleasant feelings. The COVID-19 pandemic, economic downtown, and related challenges have brought these feelings into the workplace. As an employee, it can be difficult to balance grief and loss with professional responsibilities, especially since many organizations don't have a script for handling these situations. 

  • The future of work, mental health and safety

    Course (37m 56s)

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    The future of work is here. Meetings that once filled conference rooms are now fully online. Dining room tables have been turned into makeshift offices. And technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our day-to-day workflows. But what about our emotional well-being and sense of belonging? HR exec and talent consultant Pat Wadors contends that, in the midst of all this change, another concurrent shift needs to be happening.

  • Resilience and Leadership

    Course (42m 55s)

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    Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can help you face challenges, navigate obstacles, and thrive in your role. But it can also help you lead your team and your business to bigger and better results. In this course, psychologist and executive coach Gemma Leigh Roberts helps you develop a resilient mindset, a resilient team, and a resilient organization, which can weather risk and change. The tips Gemma offers are approachable and actionable—designed for busy leaders who need an extra edge to survive and thrive in challenging times.


  • How to Be an Adaptable Employee during Change and Uncertainty

    Course (35m 20s)

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    Working from home is a new phenomenon for many professionals. Different worlds—work, school, and parenting—are suddenly colliding. People are discovering how much their environment impacts their productivity and wellbeing, and how difficult it can be to focus when there are so many demands on their time. In this course, neuroscience expert and author Amy Brann helps you adjust to this new normal by training your brain to overcome disruptions and distractions, accept and get real about your emotions, reframe your expectations, and preserve your relationships. 

  • Support your Mental Health During Challenging Times

    Learning Path (6 Courses)

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    In this learning path, pick and choose from a collection of courses and learn science-based skills to support your mental health during challenging times. These courses cover topics such as building resilience, minding your mind while working from home, avoiding burnout, managing difficult feelings, and managing your emotions.

    Skills: Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Mental Health

  • Supporting Your Well-Being during Times of Change and Uncertainty

    Learning Path (21 Courses)

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    In this learning path, pick and choose from a collection of courses and you can gain immediately applicable skills to support your well-being during times of change and uncertainty. Twenty curated courses cover topics such as practicing mindfulness and meditation; managing anxiety, depression, and stress; calming your mind; and restoring your body.

    Skills: Mindfulness, Stress Management, Life Skills, Resiliency, Personal Development

  • Developing Resilience and Grit

    Learning Path (8 Courses)

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    Pick and choose from a collection of courses and learn how to build your resilience and cultivate mental agility in the face of change and uncertainty. Resilience and grit will help you to cope with change and create productive shifts in thinking and perseverance.

    Skills: Professional Services

Remote Work in Times of Change

Optimize working remotely in this set of online courses—whether you’re new to remote work or not, and whether you’re leading a team or part of a team involving distributed team members. Discover how to be productive and stay connected when working from home or other remote environments.


  • Supporting Your Kids' Learning at Home


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    Corbin and Kat Anderson have spent years perfecting their teaching craft in both physical and virtual classrooms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they—like millions of other parents—found themselves grappling with a new challenge: helping their kids learn at home. In this course, Corbin and Kat explore the essentials of successfully schooling your kids at home, sharing tips and tricks gleaned from their own experiences. Whether your child is at home sick for a day, or home for weeks due to a pandemic, this course provides you with the essential information you need to guide their learning journey and keep them up to speed with their educational goals and requirements. 

  • What's Next: Reinventing Work in the New Normal

    Course (1h 42m)

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    There's no set instruction manual on how to navigate our complicated new normal. What will the new workplace look like? How can organizations continue to stay afloat while dealing with limited resources? What are the issues managers and leaders need to keep in mind as they try to create the new normal? In this course, join LinkedIn Learning instructors as they address these critical issues and provide strategies and real-life current examples that can help you adapt to the new world of work.

  • Communicating Internally during Times of Uncertainty

    Course (31m 21s)

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    During a crisis, communicating with your employees should be your first priority. Your most important job as a leader is to make sure your team feels safe in working with and for you. This course gives you the necessary tools to communicate internally during times of change or uncertainty. Learn how to communicate with transparency and empathy, identify what you want to say and when to say it, and manage questions, reactions, and anxiety from your team.

  • Build professional relationships online

    Course (22m 33s)

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    Working from home removes distractions, but also eliminates important face-to-face interactions. Home-based workers often report feeling disconnected, isolated, and alone. This course teaches us how to create professional yet personal connections with remote team members and how to satisfy that missing element of closeness that people get when they are together at work. Productivity expert Dave Crenshaw explains how to reach out to others, be authentic online, build a great reputation, and make meaningful connections with your peers. These tips are invaluable for anyone working from home—and particularly relevant for those working under the challenging conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Balancing working from home with family

    Course (28m 31s)

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    Working remotely can be hard enough, particularly during a time of crisis. But when the worlds of work, parenting, and school collide, recovering your equilibrium can feel nearly impossible. Andrea Bonior—a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and mom of three—has been living out these same struggles for months. In this course, she shares tips for juggling your job and your life as a work-from-home parent. Using behavioral research, her expertise as a psychologist, and her personal experience working through these same challenges, Andrea details how to establish a concrete personal plan to reduce stress, set boundaries, and embrace each day with new motivation.

  • Tips for working Remotely

    Course (32m 7s)

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    Learn how to work remotely and remain connected to your organization. In this course, coach Todd Dewett reveals how you can create a productive work environment at home by structuring your day correctly, dedicating a space to work, and avoiding distractions. Once your workspace is established, he shares best practices for staying in touch with your colocated team. Last, he addresses the most common challenges encountered by remote workers: feeling isolated, navigating office politics from afar, and communicating virtually.

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