Keep Girls in School Project

“We want to help people see girls not as a burden but as the gifts that they are.”    Sandhya
Our Dreams...
We aim to create a world where every child is cared for, every girl is educated and every women has power to make choices about herself.  Saving 10 million girls is difficult, educating 41 million is tough, protecting 300 million women is next to impossible.  Aarti Home, with your help, aims to start. 
Somewhere down the line, all of us will make this happen.

Aarti Home, in the town of Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India, was founded in 1992 by PV Sandhya. Home to 80 girls and 20 boys who have been abandoned by their parents, the home provides these children with medical care, shelter, food, high quality schooling, and, above all, a chance for a better life.
Aarti Home is not simply a care home and school. It is a training center. Local village women are also offered tailoring and design classes. They have formed their own fair trade collective and are launching a website to sell their textile products and take orders. These women are given a greater chance for respect because they are earners for their families. Over time they can assert themselves and decrease the likelihood that they themselves would have to abandon or neglect their own children.