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The Campus Wireless Upgrade Project

In 2015, the Wyoming Legislature authorized special funding to upgrade, enhance, and expand Wi-Fi at the University of Wyoming. A significant part of the funding will be used to replace portions of the current wireless network system, which is 7 to 8 years old.

This upgrade will resolve many problems regarding network capacity and performance. In addition, UW will expand wireless availability to additional areas which currently are underserved ...

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Phishing – Don't Fall for the Hook, Line, or Sinker

If you have an email account, you’ve almost certainly received attempts to con you into giving up personal information, buying into a scam, or clicking on malicious links or files. These emails can take the form of too-good-to-be-true schemes, crisis alerts, or “phishing” for account/personal details by impersonating a trusted institution ...

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Remotely Erasing All Data Information for Your Lost Phone or Tablet

We’ve all been there, a misplaced phone or tablet can be stressful – especially when there are bank accounts, email accounts, and other sensitive information on the device.

If you use your phone or tablet to access your email account, it is possible to remotely erase all data on the device if it is lost or stolen. The device must have previously been connected to Office365 email ...

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Straight out of a science fiction movie – retina scanning could be more commonly used as a security feature with the progression of Two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication (2F) adds a second level of authentication when logging into an account. A hacker can easily compromise Single factor authentication, since it requires only a username and password. 2F requires the user to authenticate their identity by using both a password and either 1) an object (such as a phone or a fob) or 2) a biological characteristic (such as a biometric fingerprint, voice print, or retina scan) ...

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Webroot Antivirus Now on UW Computers

Because of the growing number of network viruses and threats, the University of Wyoming recently deployed Webroot antivirus for all UW owned Windows and Mac computers. Webroot has an excellent reputation for effective protection, ease of use, fast scanning, and minimal impact on computer performance.

Effective antivirus protection is becoming increasingly important as the number of threats continue to rise. IT strongly recommends that all computers on the UW network have antivirus software installed. Lack of antivirus software puts you, others, and the UW network at risk ...

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What is Office 365?

All UW students and staff have access to Office 365, a powerful set of online, cloud-based tools that are ideal for working on the go and collaborating with others. With Office 365, you can log in from any Internet-connected device to send email, set up appointments, or upload or create new documents or spreadsheets, and then easily share them with colleagues, including those without UW email addresses.

To access Office 365, login using your UW email address and password.

By logging into your Office 365 account, you can also download the Office suite on up to 5 personal devices for free. This includes programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync, and InfoPath. For continued access, the Office suite needs to connect to Office 365 every 30 days. View the IT knowledgebase for installation instructions ...

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Office 2016 for Windows and Mac

The new version of Microsoft Office Suite is available to be installed from the UW network onto UW owned computers.

This upgrade for Windows has several new features including the ability to search the Internet from a right click option and have several people edit a document in the full Word application at the same time. Some other features include improved versioning, Smart Lookup, support for Office Groups 365 in Outlook, new chart types, one-click forecasting, Skype integration, and stronger cross-device support. Office 2016 for Mac has a new, cleaner look, and more Excel functionality, along with several other new features ...

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Windows 10 – What UW Windows Customers Need to Know

A major update, Windows 10 is a hybrid of the best components of its most recent operating systems. Windows 10 keeps the Windows 8 aesthetic by designing a simple interface that crosses from computer to tablet to phone. At the same time, it updates the familiar experience that Windows 7 users preferred, including the Start button and Start Menu.

Beyond the interface, the biggest change is the new browser, Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer. Currently, some UW administrative applications will not run on Microsoft Edge.

There’s also a brand new addition: Cortana is a search/digital assistant that, with some setup, will operate as a voice assistant, much like iPhone’s Siri. Windows 10 also has a number of built in apps, like Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Music, and Video, all of which save and sync to OneDrive ...

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WyoShare – Give a Wireless Presentation from your Phone

WyoShare is a professional wireless presentation system that allows multiple users to collaborate using their own devices and wirelessly present from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

Walk into select classrooms or conference rooms on campus and use the touch panel in the room to choose WyoShare as the source. You can then project your presentation to any display system in the room. For laptops, you will need to download the free MirrorOp software. For Apple and Android devices, you will need to download the free MirrorOp App.

Currently, WyoShare is available in the Classroom Building and the Enzi STEM building. All general pool classrooms will have WyoShare capabilities by fall 2016.

Be sure you know how to use the software BEFORE a big presentation so you’re not caught off guard.

For specific details, visit our instruction guide.

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Last year, Information Technology launched its new enhanced ticketing system, known as the UWIT Service Center. The system is designed to make it easier to submit service requests and trouble tickets.

Top Features:

Service Catalog

  • Visit UWIT Service Catalog (a list of IT services).
  • Create a request or report a problem by clicking on Services. Quickly find what you are looking for, enter your information, and generate your request from the Service Catalog.
  • Your request will immediately go to the appropriate teams within IT.

Knowledge Base (Replaces AskIT)

Email Support

  • UWIT Tickets are automatically generated any time an email is sent to
  • Receive a ticket notice in your inbox – these will come from “[UWIT-Ticket]…”
  • You can also use these tickets to view real time progress on your issue by clicking on the link.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • UWIT wants your feedback via surveys generated randomly on some tickets.
  • The survey should take less than 3 minutes to fill out. The surveys will come as a text email with a link to a web form. Your feedback is taken seriously and helps us improve our services.

You’ve likely seen a lot of these features since it’s not a new upgrade, but hopefully this article answers questions you may have had about the UWIT Service Center.

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