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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Email at UW

Information Technology provides easy-to-use email programs for students, faculty and staff at the University of Wyoming. These programs are available for terminal users, as well as personal computer users.

UW Office 365 Web Email

UW email accounts are accessible through a web browser using Office 365 Outlook Web App. See the Office 365 Email page for information about UW email accounts. To access your UW email in a web browser, click on the envelope icon in the box in the right column of this page.

How to configure Office 365 email on mobile devices.

Also see Browser Security and UW Web Email

Email Programs

Several different email programs are available to University of Wyoming faculty, staff and students. Some of these are mainframe computer programs. Others run on desktop computers. For additional information on how to install and use email programs, visit the Ask IT Email Help pages.

Microsoft Outlook

This program is the recommended email program for university faculty and staff and students using Windows XP, Vista or 7. Instructions for installing and using this software are available on the Ask IT Email Help pages.

Email Accounts

All UW faculty, staff and students automatically receive an Exchange (MS Outlook) or Office 365 email account. Contact the IT Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1, for more information.

Generic Mailboxes

Generic mailboxes are Microsoft Exchange mailboxes that are not associated with a particular user. Generic mailboxes can be used for ongoing university functions or special projects where one or more individuals need to share a common mailbox. The 'from' field in email sent from a generic mailbox can contain the name of the mailbox, for example - ''. There is a small fee for generic mailboxes, please see IT Fees for Services. To request a generic mailbox contact the IT Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1.
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Email Addressing Conventions

More and more computers are being attached to the campus computer network. This includes Windows servers, workstations, microcomputers, IBM mainframes, and other devices. With this comes the need to communicate via email using addresses that the network can find.

To make sure your email is received, you must add to the username. For example, if you are sending email to userhelp, you must address it to to make sure this person receives it.

Central Email Gateway

A central email gateway has been installed to manage university email. The central email gateway allows each email user at the university to have a single address and facilitates sending all of the user's email to a single computer.

For example, suppose John wishes to read all of his email on a single computer, through Outlook accessing the Exchange server, and he wishes to advertise a single email address regardless of where he reads his email. Utilizing the central email gateway, John could advertise a single email address, and could have all of his email delivered to the computer of his choice. He could still send email from each of the different computers and his outgoing email would all have a return address of regardless of the computer used to originate the mail.

The IT Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1, can assist in setting your email preferences to direct your email to a particular program.
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Email Aliases

Email aliases allow mailboxes to be known by more than one name. Using an email alias, for example, John Doe (whose username is jdoe) could receive email sent to or Email sent from John Doe's mailbox will contain '' in the 'from' field, however John can set the 'reply to' address to any address he desires. Email aliases must be in the form or with a nickname that is currently registered with HR.

Email aliases are available free of charge to UW employees and graduate students only. Users can request email aliases by contacting the IT Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1.
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Email Distribution Lists

Email lists (a.k.a. listserves) allow email sent to a particular address to be distributed to multiple mailboxes. For example, mail sent to '' can be redirected to multiple individual mailboxes that have been subscribed to this list. Email list names must contain a hyphen in order to avoid conflict with other accounts, and to meet technical requirements of the list management software. Names must begin with an alphabetic character, may contain alphanumeric and/or hyphen characters, and end with an alphabetic character. 

Email distribution lists are free of charge with reasonable justification. Users can request new lists or the deletion of existing lists by using the New Distribution List Request Form, the Distribution List Deletion Request Form, or by emailing For more information about Mailman email distribution lists at UW see the Mailman Email List Manager Frequently Asked Questions.
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Email Storage Allocations and Message Size Limits

The default storage size allocated for each user’s mailbox is 50 GB.
More information about data storage

If you receive Over Quota error messages or email warnings see How to Resolve Over Quota Problems for Personal and Group Warehouse Storage (

Individual email messages sent or received through the UW email systems are limited to 25 Mb. Attached files are the most common cause of large email message sizes.
More information about Office 365 email message size limits
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Email Forwarding

Email forwarding can be set locally in Outlook. See How to Forward/Redirect Your UW Email for instructions. Please note that no copies of any email forwarded to a non address will be maintained on any of UW’s servers. If you need to maintain a copy of you forwarded email on UW’s servers read How to Forward/Redirect Your UW Email document for directions. Additionally, UW recommends that you do not forward your mail to an off site address as we cannot guarantee security, reliability or usability of any entity not controlled by UW.
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Email Address Books and Directories

There are several ways to locate an email address for a UW Employee. Most addresses are located on Outlook/Exchange, using the Global Address List.

You can also use the University Directory to locate UW employees.

If you cannot find your answer here, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk, 766-4357, option 1.
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