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WyoMeeting – a secure web based desktop conferencing system

A web based desktop conferencing system allows geographically separated users to share desktops, applications and presentations. Desktop conferencing facilitates remote desktop support and online meetings. The University of Wyoming offers three desktop conferencing systems. While each of the available desktop conferencing options offer features that make one option better than others in specific situations, many will find WyoMeeting (a.k.a. Juniper Secure Meeting) to be the easiest system to use when the primary focus is on desktop sharing or presentations. WyoMeeting is available to all UW students, faculty, and staff.

To host a meeting using WyoMeeting, log in at and click on the “Meetings” button. (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer on a Windows computer, or Safari on a Macintosh is recommended.) Next, click on “New Meeting”. You will then be prompted for information about the meeting including email addresses of attendees, time of meeting, meeting subject, phone number for audio, etc. Then click on the “Finish” button to create the meeting and send invitations to participants. The meeting invitation will include a URL for attendees to connect to the meeting. Finally, click on “Start Meeting” to begin the meeting.

The meeting ‘conductor’ (the person who creates a meeting) can manage the meeting including disconnect participants and end the meeting. Meeting ‘presenters’ can share applications running on their desktop – or share their entire desktop – with other members of the meeting. The meeting conductor can delegate presenter capability to any of the attendees.

By default, the time and date of the meeting is the current date and time. Meetings can be scheduled in the future – and meetings can also be set to recurring. Also by default, the meeting will be set to have a password (the system auto-generates a password). The meeting creator can change the password or remove the password. An option exists for the password to be displayed in the invitation email or not.

When creating a meeting, attendees can be invited by entering their UW username (under “Add Secure Gateway Users”) or by entering their email address (under “Add Other Users”). For most users, the option to invite attendees using email addresses is the simplest and easiest option.

Other options exist for creating meetings. Instead of clicking on “New Meeting”, one could click on either “Instant Meeting” or ‘Support Meeting”. “Instant Meeting” is a way to create a meeting immediately and save the meeting creator from having to enter meeting information such as meeting subject, attendee email addresses, etc. However, the meeting creator (conductor) will need to communicate the meeting URL (and password) to all attendees, and the meeting cannot be scheduled in the future or be recurring. Also, unlike the “New Meeting” option, attendees cannot connect to the meeting until the conductor has started it.

“Support Meeting” is similar to “Instant Meeting” – but is intended for a meeting between two users (the meeting conductor and one attendee). With “Support Meeting”, the attendee will automatically be prompted for permission to share his/her desktop with the conductor.

A fourth option exists for creating WyoMeeting meetings. This option, called “My Secure Meeting” allows meeting creators to have a fixed URL of the form “”. For example if John Doe’s username is jdoe, his URL would be”. To create a My Secure Meeting, log in to the URL and click on “Meetings”. The conductor can set a password (or not) each time a “My Secure Meeting” is initiated. Aside from having a fixed URL, a “My Secure Meeting” is the same as an “Instant Meeting”.

Below is a summary of features of the four options for creating WyoMeeting meetings:

WyoMeeting features New Meeting Instant Meeting Support Meeting My Secure Meeting
Schedule meetings in advance Yes No No No
Recurring meetings Yes No No No
Attendees join meeting before conductor 15 minutes (chat only) No No No
Email invitation to attendees Yes No No No
Multiple attendees Yes Yes No Yes
Automatically share attendee desktop No No Yes No
Password meetings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fixed meeting URL "\username" No No No Yes
Delegate meeting presenter Yes Yes Yes Yes


Additional information for conducting a meeting and starting a pre-scheduled meeting …

Starting a Pre-Scheduled Meeting

There are two options for starting your pre-scheduled meeting:

Option A

As the meeting conductor you should receive an e-mail invitation from At the bottom of that e-mail you will see something very similar to the following:

As the conductor, you must join the meeting using the
Conductor URL:
Note: You can easily copy/paste the above into calendar
invitations or emails you send to attendees.
Click on the link to start the meeting.

Option B

  1. Log into
  2. Go to the meetings button
  3. Find your meeting and you will see a Start Meeting link under Meeting Details. Click it.

Conducting a Meeting

After starting a meeting, you will see the secure meeting control window in a new browser window:

Secure Meeting control panel

Using the Remote Control Features

Requesting/Granting Control

Meeting attendees can request control of the Presenter’s shared desktop or application by clicking on the Request Control button
Presenters can take control back by clicking Take Control


When you choose Sharing you can choose specific applications to share rather than sharing the entire desktop.

  1. Click the sharing button.
  2. You will see the following screen:

    Share Application window
  3. The Presenter, who wants to share their screen, must check the box next to the application(s) that they wish to share with the others logged into the secure meeting. Click Share Desktop and All Applications to allow full control over the computer.

Changing Presenters

To view the desktops/applications of other meeting members the Presenter must be changed to the appropriate person.

  1. Click on the meeting attendee’s name
  2. Click the Presenter button, now that meeting attendee is the presenter.
  3. Follow the instructions under Sharing or Requesting/Granting control

Ending the Meeting

From the menu bar on the secure meeting control window, click Meeting – End Meeting or just close the secure meeting dialog box.

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