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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Personal Telephone Calling Features

Call Forward

Call Forward allows you to program your phone so that it will automatically ring to another phone number, or to voice mail if you subscribe to this service. Your phone will give you a brief tone indicating that a call has just been forwarded. This feature is useful when you will be working at another work station and wish to receive your calls there.

Feature Operation:

To Activate: 

  1. Lift your handset and dial * 71
  2. Dial the number you wish to forward your telephone to and hang up.

To Deactivate: 

  • Lift your handset and dial # 71. You will hear a special confirmation tone, hang up.

Call Transfer

This feature allows you to transfer a call to another on-campus telephone number. Calls cannot be transferred off-campus. If you receive a call for someone else on campus, you can transfer the call to the correct number. If you receive an improperly dialed fax transmission, send it to a fax machine using the transfer feature.

Feature Operation:

With a call in progress:

  1. Press the Flash or Link key, or switchhook flash, to place the first call on hold. 
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call. 
  3. When the person to whom you are transferring answers, you may press the Flash or Link key, or switchhook flash, and the two parties will be connected, then hang up. If you do not hang up you will be connected to both parties, much like a three way call.

Call Waiting

When engaged in a telephone conversation, this feature alerts you that another call is waiting and enables you to place the first call on hold to respond to the second call.

Feature Operation: 

While on the phone, a tone alerts you another call is waiting. 

Cancel Call Waiting

Temporarily disables call waiting for the duration of the telephone call. While engaged in a conversation, a call coming into you will receive a busy tone. If you want to place an uninterrupted call, cancel call waiting. When you hang up, call waiting is automatically reactivated.

Feature Operation: 

  • Pick up your handset, press * 92, then place your call.

Interpreting Tones

Slow busy signal (1 tone per second)

  • On Campus: The number you dialed is busy. Activate Ring Again.
  • Off Campus: The number you dialed is busy. Try your call later.

Fast busy signal (2 tones per second)

  • Off Campus: Number dialed is not working or is invalid.

Last Number Redial

Allows you to redial the last number you dialed without entering the number.

Feature Operation: 

  • Pick up your handset, and press # #.

Ring Again

Notifies you that a previously dialed on-campus number (with a busy tone) is now available.

Feature Operation:

  1. After reaching a busy signal, flash or link (or switchhook flash), then dial * 75 and hang up. 
  2. When your phone alerts you that the line is no longer busy (phone will beep at you), lift your handset and the number will be automatically dialed. 

To cancel ring again before the busy number is free, lift your handset and dial *75.

3-Way Call

Allows you to set up a conference with two other parties on- or off-campus. You may also transfer a call using the 3-Way Call feature. Save time by getting all necessary parties into a discussion at the same time.

Feature Operation:  

With a call in progress:

  1. Press the Flash or Link key (or switchhook flash) to place the caller on hold. 
  2. When you hear the dial tone, dial the next number and announce the conference. 
  3. Press the Flash or Link key (or switchhook flash) and all parties are connected in conference. 

If you wish to leave the conversation, simply hang up. The other two parties will remain connected as long as one of the remaining party is on-campus. If the call originated from off-campus, one of the remaining parties must be on-campus or the call will be disconnected.

Switchhook Flash

Momentarily depress the plunger where the handset normally rests. This is the same as briefly hanging up.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail messages waiting will be indicated in Outlook by an email entry showing a phone symbol with a voicemail message attachment, the caller and Voice Mail in subject line. To retrieve messages listen through speakers on computer or dial 6-1011 (on campus) or 766-1011 (off campus), respond to the prompts with your mailbox number and PIN. Refer to the Unified Messaging Voice Mail Information web pages for detailed information.

UW Long Distance / Operator Assisted Calls

The UW Calling Card can be used to place long distance calls from on-campus at low long distance rates. Billing can be sent to either on-campus or home addresses.

Feature Operation:

Using the UW Calling Card on all set types: 

  1. Lift your handset and hear dial tone.
  2. Dial * 80 (you will hear a brief stutter dial tone).
  3. Dial your seven-digit authorization code and hear a second dial tone.
  4. Dial 9+1+Area Code+Telephone Number

Placing operator-assisted long distance calls:

  1. Dial 9+0+Area Code+Telephone Number.
  2. Listen for dial tone.
  3. Enter Calling Card authorization code or wait for operator to answer.

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