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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Personal Telephone Services for UW Employees

Employees that are either living in university housing or working from an office on-campus can use these services. Be aware that departments may provide some or all of these services in your office.

Employees must sign a contract in order to subscribe to personal long distance and related telephone services. To order new phone lines or any of the services below, visit Telecom Help Desk, ITC, Room 326, or call the Telecom Help Desk at 766-4357, option 2, during normal business hours.

Basic Phone Services Long Distance Service
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3-Way Calling
Ring Again
Last Number Redial
No monthly fees
No deposits
No operators

Basic Phone Services Explanations

Call Waiting
This enables a single line telephone set to take a second call.

  • Activate: While on your first call a tone will alert you that another call is waiting. To pick up the second call depress the switchhook or flash button on your phone. To toggle between callers use the switchhook button.
  • Cancel: This temporarily disables call waiting for the duration of a telephone call. Pick up your handset, press *92, then place your call.

Call Forward
This allows you to manually forward your calls to another on-campus telephone number.

  • Activate:
    • 1) Lift your handset and dial *71
    • 2) Dial the number to which you wish to forward your telephone then, hang up
  • Cancel:
    • 1) Lift your handset and dial #71
    • 2) You will hear a special confirmation tone, then hang up

3-Way Call/ Call Transfer
Allows you to set up a conference with two other parties on or off campus.

  • Activate:
    • 1) With a call in progress, depress the switchhook to place the caller on hold
    • 2) When you hear a dial tone, dial the next number and announce the conference
    • 3) Depress the switchhook or flash button and all parties are connected in the conference
  • Cancel: If you wish to leave the conversation, simply hang up. The other two parties will remain connected as long as one party is on campus.

Ring Again
This notifies you that a previously dialed on-campus number, for which a busy tone was received, is now available to receive calls.

  • Activate:
    • 1) After reaching a busy signal, depress the switchhook, dial *75 and then hang up.
    • 2) The phone will alert you that the line is no longer busy by beeping. Lift your handset and the number will automatically be dialed.
  • Cancel: To cancel ring again before the number is free, lift your handset and dial *75.

Last Number Re-Dial
Allows you to dial the last number you dialed without entering the phone number again.

  • Activate: Pick up handset, press the pound sign twice (##).


Long Distance

Three reasons why you should take advantage of UW Long Distance:

Convenient Billing: Monthly Telecom bills are available through the IT Billing Web site (printed Telecom bills are not mailed to UW employees).

Easy to Pay: You can pay your phone bill at the Cashiers office in Knight hall via campus mail or in person.

UW employees residing or working on-campus are eligible to subscribe to University of Wyoming long distance service. Subscribers are issued a Calling Card number for placing necessary personal calls while at work. The UW Calling Card can be used from any 766 prefix telephone on campus. No deposit is required and there is no monthly service charge. Subscribers are only billed for the long distance calls they place. Bills can be mailed to subscribers' on-campus or home addresses. Subscribers living in university housing may request direct dial.

A completed contract must be returned to the IT Telecom Help Desk to initiate service. Contracts are available online or at the IT Telecom Help Desk in the ITC, Room 326, 766-4357, option 2. Long distance service is activated on the same day that the completed contract is received by IT Billing.

Additional Phone Services

The following phone services are available to all on-campus university residents.

Caller ID

Caller ID displays the caller’s number as a call is received. Caller ID is available to university residents for $2 per month with a $5 set-up fee.

Call Waiting/Caller ID

Call Waiting/Caller ID lets you know what number is calling while you are on the phone. Call Waiting/Caller ID is available to university residents. Add Caller ID to Call Waiting for an additional $1 per month. Being able to see the new caller’s number while you are on the phone eliminates the risk of missing important calls. Note:

  • All phone numbers may not show up on caller ID or call waiting/caller ID services. Caller ID and Call Waiting/Caller ID functionality on out-of-state calls is dependent on other telecommunications vendors passing the appropriate information.
  • UW residents must have their own Caller ID or Call waiting/Caller ID boxes.

Voice Mail (Unified Messaging)

Voice mail is an electronic messaging system that gives you a convenient, reliable and user-friendly method of communicating with people on and off campus. Unified Messaging voice mail is available to university residents for $6 per month with a $5 set-up fee.

The date-time stamp feature will tell you when each message is received. Messages can be retrieved from any touch-tone telephone.

Unlike answering machines, voice mail has no messy wires, extra equipment or complex instruction manuals. Voice mail has built-in prompts that give you step-by-step instructions. See the Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Voice Mail page.

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Warning: Information Technology prosecutes all fraudulent use of the telephone system. Substantial fees shall be charged if collect calls are accepted.