How to Send Text Message to Multiple Recipients

Do you send text messages? Would you like to learn how to send a text message to several people at once? If so, please continue reading:

  1. Select Messages icon.
  2. Push in trackwheel (or trackball, touchpad, etc.) and select: Compose SMS.
  3. Your Contacts should appear select the first person that you wish to send the text message to.
  4. Push in the trackwheel and select: SMS (persons name).
  5. If you have several numbers listed under the one contact, your BlackBerry will prompt you to choose a phone number.
  6. Push in the trackwheel and select Add Recipient.
  7. This will bring you back to your contact list. Select your second recipient and repeat steps: 4 6.
  8. Continue to add as many recipients as desired by following steps: 3 6.
  9. Your screen should look similar to this:

    Recipient #1
    Recipient #2
    Recipient #3

    And so on...
  10. Compose text message.
  11. Push in trackwheel and select Send.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Telecom Help Desk at 766-4357, option 2.

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