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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether I'm an international or domestic student?

If you are a permanent resident or a citizen of the U.S., then you are considered to be a domestic student and should use the domestic Apply Now!, even if your academic records are from another country or your native language is not English.


How should I apply for admission?

Can I get my bachelors degree from UW in four years?

    • Yes. Most degrees are designed to be completed in 4 years. However, sometimes this may require that you take more than 15 semester credit hours (the average).


What is Laramie, Wyoming like?

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, Wyoming, a community of approximately 31,000 people. Laramie is located at 2,196 meters above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful and commanding mountains and treeless plains. The region offers many outdoor advantages, including camping, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and skiing. Because of the elevation the air is quite dry and the evenings are cooler in both winter and summer. Summer temperatures range from approximately 15C to 32C, while winters are usually in the -20C to 5C range. On the average there are more than 320 sunny days per year, and the average precipitation is 36.83 centimeters.

The state of Wyoming encompasses 253,488 square kilometers and is the 9th largest state (land size) in the US.  The state's population is nearly 560,000 people with the capital city, Cheyenne, having a population of approximately 60,000. Wyoming is famous for its natural beauty which includes Yellowstone National Park. We think that Wyoming offers a safe and wonderful background in which international students, faculty and researcher/scholars can achieve their educational and professional goals.


How do I obtain my I-20 form?

The Admissions Office sends the I-20 forms to admitted international students along with their admission letters. Students will receive an email about eShipGlobal which allows them to select how they want their I-20 shipped. The packet of information is mailed to students within 2 weeks of receipt of the student's complete application.

What is SEVIS?

The purpose of the system is to maintain updated information on F-1 non-immigrant international students and J-1 Exchange Visitors and their F-2/J-2 dependents. As such, UW is required to report certain types of information electronically on our F-1 and J-1 visa holders along with their dependents.

SEVIS Fee F-1 and J-1 visa applicants are now required to pay a SEVIS fee ranging from $180-200 USD which is used to support the SEVIS program. The fee must be paid prior to a student or scholar applying for their visa. A receipt of payment must be shown at the time of the visa application. The fee may be paid on-line. This site also contains general information about the SEVIS fee.


How do I obtain a student visa?

Upon receiving your I-20 or DS-2019, make an appointment for a visa interview at a United States Embassy or Consulate Office. It is preferable that you go to the Embassy or Consulate in your country of citizenship. For the interview, you will need your passport, your I-20 or DS-2019, the SEVIS fee receipt, the Affidavit of Support from your sponsor and the financial documentation you submitted with your I-20 or DS-2019 (Confidential Financial Support and bank statements). You should also submit the letter of admission from the University of Wyoming . Be prepared to answer questions about your reasons for studying at the UW.

It is recommended that you allow yourself ample time to obtain the appropriate visa stamp from a Consulate or Embassy. The U.S. Department of State has indicated that the process of issuing visas to some individuals might be considerably delayed due to security clearances. Please visit the US Department of State's visa page to apply for your visa and to learn more.

Canadian Citizens do not need consular visas and may obtain the appropriate visa status when they enter the USA.


What is the new International Student Orientation?

Life in the USA and at UW can be made very easy, if you know about some of the basic things like medical insurance, available services, immigration requirements, cultural adjustment, and other important information. The New International Student Orientation seeks to provide International Students with this information. It is mandatory for international students to arrange their travel to the University of Wyoming so that they can attend this program. If you have any questions about this program, please email


What happens when I arrive in the United States?

Upon arrival in the USA, an immigration officer will check your travel documents and issue a small white card (I-94 card which is a 3-part card completed on the airplane) indicating how long you may remain in the USA.  The notation "D/S" means that you have been given permission to remain in the USA for the duration of your valid I-20 or DS-2019 document. Most I-94 cards have the "D/S" annotation. For safekeeping, the I-94 card should be stapled in your passport.


How do I get to Laramie?

The closest international airport to Laramie, Wyoming is Denver International Airport (DIA) in Denver, Colorado. You should fly first to DIA and then make your way to Laramie.

From DIA, there are two ways to get to Laramie that we recommend:

1. You can fly directly in to the Laramie Regional Airport. The airport is serviced by Skywest which is a United Airlines carrier connecting flights to Laramie from Denver daily. If you need shuttle service from Laramie Regional Airport into town, please email Transit and Parking Services ( with your request no less than 14 days before your arrival as they need plenty of time to make arrangements. This service costs $15 which will be added to your student bill.  If your plans change or you make other arrangements for transportation, please let Transit & Parking Services know.  Otherwise, you will still be billed $15 regardless of whether you used the service or not. For more information please visit Transit and Parking Services website.

2. The Green Ride DIA Airport Shuttle also provides regular shuttle service from the Denver International Airport to Laramie. Rates are around $75. Green Ride can deliver you right to campus.

Regardless of how you get to Laramie, please let ISS know your travel arrangement as soon as possible if you haven't already done so. We must know when our new students are expected to arrive. You can email this information to


Do I have to do anything at the University of Wyoming upon arrival in Laramie?

Yes! One of the first things you must do upon your arrival in Laramie is to check in with International Student and Scholars. With some visa classifications we have a limited amount of time from the moment you pass through a U.S. Port of Entry to verify your presence at UW and note it in SEVIS. Failure to do so promptly may jeopardize your immigration status. ISS is located in Cheney International Center 005, and is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the academic year and from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer months. Please bring all of your travel documents with you. If you are coming to UW as a student, you are required to be on campus in time for our mandatory orientation program for new students just prior to the start of each semester. Specific Orientation dates can be found on the ISS web site and are also reflected on the I-20 or DS-2019 documents.


What should I bring to Laramie?

You should try to bring your belongings with you because UW cannot store baggage sent ahead. Please do not send packages or baggage to ISS since we do not have storage space.

Climate/Clothing: Temperatures vary considerably at different times of the year. During the spring, summer and fall months, light rain can fall; snow and cold temperatures occur during the winter months. During winter, heavy jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, and boots are needed. Other international students from tropical climates have suggested waiting to purchase these items until you arrive unless you come from another climate with cold and snow. During the chilly autumn and spring days, medium weight jackets are worn outdoors, sweaters or sweatshirts indoors. A light weight jacket is sometimes necessary for cool nights during spring, summer and fall.

Personal Items: Many students like to bring examples of arts, crafts, traditional dress, photographs, tapes or CDs, maps or other items descriptive of their country and culture. These can be used to show to interested Americans and to provide a touch of home in their room or apartment.

If you will be living on campus, basic furniture is provided in residence halls and apartments, but bed linens, blankets, pillows, and towels are not. If possible, you may want to purchase these items upon arrival.


How do people travel in Laramie?

Laramie is a very active town. Therefore, many people walk and ride their bicycles around town if they don't have a vehicle. The University of Wyoming offers a program called Safe Ride Shuttle Service every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. More information on this program is available at Safe Ride's website. Also, the University of Wyoming has a Campus Shuttle service. You can find information on this at Transit and Parking Service's website. Finally, the Laramie Link bus runs the length of town.


What should I NOT bring?

Ask a consulate in your home country for information about custom regulations for visitors to the USA, or visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection's website. This information may prevent unnecessary expenses. Prohibited items include some foodstuffs, narcotics and items for resale.

Textbooks and School Materials: Since students in this country are expected to buy required textbooks for all courses, and supplemental reading materials for review and research are available in libraries, you need not bring any books used in previous study.

Electrical Equipment: It is best to purchase electrical appliances after you arrive; appliances manufactured outside the US may not be compatible with the power supply or may not be permitted inside campus residence halls or UW apartments.

Is the campus safe?

The University of Wyoming is safe. We have a University Police Department (UWPD) which is the principal law enforcement agency serving the University of Wyoming . The UWPD operates twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year and is responsible for law enforcement, public safety, building security, traffic and parking control. Nested within these traditional law enforcement functions are numerous non-enforcement activities, which include lights out surveys, money escorts, transporting ill students, pick-up and storage of lost and found items, and many other services which are provided for the benefit of the community. Please visit the UW Police Department's website to learn more about campus safety the UWPD.


Are scholarships and financial aid available for international undergraduate students?

Scholarships for international students are very limited. However, international students are welcome to apply for any UW scholarships that do not require a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or require students to be a citizen or permanent resident. More information about scholarships can be found through the Office of Admission Scholarship page.

First-year undergraduate international students with a GPA of 3.0 or above may also automatically be awarded scholarships in varying amounts ($3,000-$5,500 USD) through the Rocky Mountain Scholars Award. The admissions office will determine your eligibility for this scholarship package upon receipt of your transcript and verification of your grade point average. 

Graduate Assistantships for graduate students are available in a number of fields, involving duties such as instructor, reader, laboratory assistant and/or other teaching responsibilities. Stipends vary depending upon tasks assigned and experience of the student; most assistantships also include tuition and fee reductions for all or part of the tuition costs. Incidental student fees are usually the student's responsibility.Please check with your department for opportunities!


Can I work on campus?

Yes. Many UW international students work on campus while enrolled. It is a great way to get some pocket money, and also to get more involved. If you are on a student visa (F-1), you may work on campus provided that you are 1.) maintaining F-1 status, and 2.) not working more than a total of 20 hours per week while school is in session. You may be employed full-time during holidays and vacation periods, including summer vacations, provided you are eligible and intend to register for the next school term. You will be required to pay income taxes on any wages that you earn.


Is health care available to students on campus?

Yes! Eligible student benefits include unlimited visits to UW Student Health staff physicians and nurses. Services for which there is a charge include; psychiatric & orthopedic clinics, pharmacy, laboratory, allergy immunotherapy, immunizations, appliances, medical supplies, and medical or surgical procedures.

How do I apply for university housing?

Once students have been accepted or scholars have been invited to spend time at the University, housing may be the most important issue to deal with. Students may find information on the availability of on-campus housing by contacting Residence Life and Dining at We strongly urge students to accept residence hall/apartment space if they are eligible as off-campus accommodations will almost always be more expensive. On a space available basis, researchers/scholars may be eligible for temporary housing in UW residence halls or apartments. They may also wish to check with their department for recommendations. For more information, please visit the Residence Life and Dining Services website. If you have signed a contract with Residence Life and Dining Services, you are held to that contract except in cases where you move to the UW Apartments.

Are the residence hall rooms furnished?

Every residence hall room includes a wardrobe closet, bed, desk, chair, sink and vanity mirror. You will need to provide your own bed linens, pillows, blankets, and towels. You are allowed (but not required) to furnish your room with additional items such as a telephone, a computer, a study lamp, a stereo, television, etc. However, the residences halls generally include a cafeteria, public telephones, laundry facilities, and study and entertainment/recreation space. There is also a student computer lab located in the basement of Washakie Center which adjoins each Washakie Center residence hall. Please visit campus housing for more information.

Where can I find information about university apartments?

Please visit the University Apartment page for more information.


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