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The Office of Career and Professional Development provides many services to employers including free online job posting, on-campus interviews, resume collection and much more!

By using the University of Wyoming College of Law's services and facilities, every employer agrees that they have read and will abide by the EEO/Non-Discrimination policies of the University of Wyoming and the College of Law.  Please visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy page. By using our services, every employer is expected to abide by these policies.

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Explore the quick links below to find information on online job postings, on-campus interviews, ways to get involved or to contact the Office of Career and Professional Development.  You may also find value in reviewing our Employer FAQs or our Employer Services sheet.

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Rule 9 - Student Practice License:

The Wyoming State Bar provides a way for students to get "real-world" experience prior to graduation.  Rule 9 states that a student may practice in court as a normal attorney under the direct supervision of their supervising attorney.  This gives an extern the incredible opportunity to get exposure to the court system, practice making an argument to the court, and allows the supervisor to give meaningful feedback and mentorship early in a young lawyer's career.  It is encouraged that field supervisors participate and provide these opportunities to their externs, when appropriate.

eeks, however that can change depending on the employer and student.  It can continue into the academic year based upon student availability and employer interest.

The College of Law and Office of Career Services welcomes your input and engagement in many capacities!  You can find a complete list of ideas and contacts through our website here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/get-involved.html 

Employer FAQs:

You can post a position with the Office of Career Services (OCS) job board through either an employer account or through our online form.  This service is free.

• The employer link (https://law-uwyo.12twenty.com/hire) through which you can register your employer account in our online POKES system.  Once we approve your account access on our side, you may post a position.

• If you would prefer to avoid setting up the employer account, you may instead fill out our online form here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/forms/online-jobpost-form.html and we will post the position to our internal database.

This data is not formally collected through the OCS office.  Our industry research and professional knowledge reflect that summer salaries can range depending on 1L or 2L summer, practice area, and location.

For Wyoming-based firms, we see summer compensation ranging from $3,000-$4,000 per month.  In the Denver metro, that range is closer to $4,500-$6,000+ per month.

Most internships run 10 weeks, however that can change depending on the employer and student.  It can continue into the academic year based upon student availability and employer interest.

Employment data is collected yearly 10 months after graduation and reported to the ABA for accreditation.  That information is available publicly through our website here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/employment-statistics.html

The average start salary for an associate position in the Class of 2021 is $61,000/year, plus benefits.

OCI, or On-Campus-Interviews, is facilitated by the school two times a year.  Fall OCI typically runs through September with employer registration opening in July, and Spring OCI runs in February, with employer registration opening in December.  OCI is a process in which employers sign up for a date/time and provide the school with a job listing.  OCS will post and promote the position, collecting an application packet.  That packet is sent to the employer for interview selections.  The school then coordinates the interview schedule and provides a room on campus, in person or virtual, for students and employers to interview.  Interested in learning more?  Check out the OCI page here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/on-campus-interviews.html

You can participate in OCI as an externship (for credit work) employer as well!  Discover more through our externship supervisor page here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/experiential/legal-externships/employers.html

The school collects resumes of current students interested in contract or full time work and compiles that into a PDF, called the Resume Book.  Wyoming licensed attorneys may request a copy through our online form here:  https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/forms/resume-book-collection-form.html

Working for credit in lieu of pay is called an Externship.  Externships are restricted to judicial chambers, governmental offices, and legal non-profit organizations.  To learn more or apply to be a field supervisor, check out the externship website here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/experiential/legal-externships/index.html

Students may not earn credit working for private firms or organizations.


This is a dynamic question with a complex and individualized answer.  Generally, cultivating a presence on campus is helpful in generating excitement surrounding your firm/organization; this is a good starting point when posting a position.  Confirm that your compensation model reflects the market and evaluate your firm's reputation.  Considering past employees or interns, did they have a positive or negative experience?  Beyond this, practice area, time of year, location, online presence (or lack thereof), and the job listing itself can all contribute to the application pool.  To discuss ideas on how to obtain more applicants, contact our director at any time!

The College of Law and Office of Career Services welcomes your input and engagement in many capacities!  You can find a complete list of ideas and contacts through our website here: https://www.uwyo.edu/law/career-services/get-involved.html

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