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Subject: Economics & Finance databases

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  1. 1st  EconLit   
  2. 2nd  Business Source Complete   

Economics & Finance research guide

Economics & Finance titles

  • ABI/INFORM Archive   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers journal and magazine articles back to 1923. On the ProQuest platform.

  • ABI/INFORM Dateline   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers journal, magazine and newswire articles from local and regional publications back to 1985. On the ProQuest platform.

  • ABI/INFORM Global   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers journal, magazine and newswire articles from publications back to 1985. On the ProQuest platform.

  • ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers trade journal articles back to 1975. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Ageline   

    Major gerontology indexing database that covers journals, books and reports back to 1978. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • AM Explorer: Americana   

    Covers American history, literature and culture. Resources include manuscript and typescript letters, diaries, notebooks, journals, newspapers, plus incredible art works, illustrations, photographs, video and 360-degree objects.

  • American Banker (Recent)   

    American Banker is a trade newspaper focused on banking and financial services. It covers vital developments and focuses on innovation, transformation, and disruption, as well as technology, regulation, and reform.

  • Book Citation Index   

    Index to scholarly books with citation information in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Part of the Web of Science Core Collection on the Web of Knowledge platform.

  • Business Collection   

    Business Collection provides full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, as well as business theory and practice. Users will understand the activities of companies and industries worldwide through nearly 4,000 leading business and trade publications, updated daily. Complementing these titles is a selection of international, U.S., and regional news publications. On the InfoTrac platform.

  • Business E-books Online   

    Collection of business textbooks and reference materials. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Business Education in Video   

    Video collection of executive interviews, corporate training video, case studies, How To features and documentary films that focus on all aspects of the global business environment. Subjects covered include globalization, operations & logistics, management, marketing, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international business, negotiations, ethics, cross-cultural communication, technology, and more.

  • Business Insights: Essentials   

    Provides detailed company and industry profiles including SWOT reports, market share reports, and financial reports; thousands of company histories and industry essays from Gale's core business collection; and deep research coverage with scholarly journals, business news, and more.

  • Business Premium Collection   

    Extensive full-text database combining scholarly journals, trade publications, dissertations, working papers, market reports, newspapers, and other sources relevant to research in business and economics.

  • Business Source Complete   

    Major business indexing/full-text database that covers journal articles and other business sources back to 1965. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • Checkpoint   

    Tax accounting indexing/full-text database on U.S. taxes, including IRS regulations, court rulings, IRS publications and laws with analysis. On the Thomson Reuters platform.

  • China: Culture & Society   

    Multidisciplinary full-text database that reproduces pamphlets from 1750 to 1929. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • China: Trade, Politics & Culture   

    Historical full-text database that covers papers of major British and American figures and diplomatic missions, missionaries and two magazines as well as maps and other illustrations from 1793 to 1974. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index   

    Index to conference proceedings in the sciences and social sciences. Part of the Web of Science Core Collection on the Web of Knowledge platform.

  • CQ Magazine (formerly CQ Weekly)   

    Government full-text magazine that covers the activities of the U.S. Congress back to 1983. On the CQPress Electronic Library platform.

  • Current Contents Connect   

    Database providing complete tables of contents, abstracts, and bibliographic information from the most recently published issues of leading scholarly journals. On the Web of Knowledge platform.

  • Data Citation Index   

    Index of data studies and data sets in international repositories, covering social sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, and arts & humanities, with citation information. On the Web of Knowledge platform.

  • Data-Planet Statistical Ready Reference   

    Search interface for the extensive Data-Planet repository of standardized and structured statistical data, enabling quick searching and viewing of charts, maps, and rankings of time series at the country, state, county, MSA, postal code, and census-tract/block group levels.

  • Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800   

    Multidisciplinary full-text database, based on Charles Evan's American Bibliography, that reproduces all books, pamphlets and broadsides published the American colonies and the United States between 1639 and 1800. On the Readex platform.

  • EconLit   

    Major economics indexing/full-text database that covers journals, books, book reviews and theses back to 1969. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Economics and Theory (Gale OneFile)   

    Database of over 7 million business and economics articles, including topics such as the gasoline supply, state trends in property taxes, personal savings rate, subprime bailout, Asian business, the federal reserve system, accounting practices, interactive advertising, and domestic policy. It is aimed at researchers who are starting a business, marketing a product, developing policy, analyzing trends, constructing economic models, investing for the future, researching rates, and more.

  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports Archive   

    Full-text archive of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s quarterly country reports, from their beginning in 1952 up to 1995. The reports combine detailed statistical information with commentary and analysis. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Entrepreneurship (Gale Business)   

    Database of sample business plans, journals, multimedia content, and more, covering all major areas of starting and operating a business: financing, management, marketing, human resources, franchising, accounting, taxes and more.

  • Entrepreneurship Database   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers journals, magazines, theses, media, business plans, books, blogs, market research, business cases and conference papers. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Equality State Almanac 2010    UW login not required

    Wyoming full-text statistical source from the Economic Analysis Division of the Department of Administration and Information. Published in 2010. Downloadable in PDF format, which provides the only searching capability. On the EAD website.

  • Essential Science Indicators   

    Science research analysis database showing publication performance statistics and trends data based on journal article publication counts and citation data from Thomson Reuters databases. On the InCites platform.

  • Euromonitor Passport   

    Online market research tool monitoring international industry trends, market size, and market share for a wide range of products.

  • Factiva   

    A global digital business aggregator that includes communications, technology, linguistics and political science content from newspapers, magazines, trade journals, blogs, and other sources.

  • Family and Society Studies Worldwide   

    Major family and human development indexing database that covers journals, books, conference papers, theses and government documents back to 1970. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • Fedstats    UW login not required

    Reference portal that allows searching federal agencies for statistics and links to those agencies. On its own platform.

  • Filmakers Library Online Volumes 1 & 2   

    Multidisciplinary video-streaming platform presenting award-winning documentaries and independent films. The collection contains 1,019 films and 806 hours of content. Transcripts are available for 87% of the collection. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • Fuente Academica   

    Multidisciplinary indexing/full-text eJournal database that covers scholarly journal articles from Latin America, Portugal and Spain. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • GPO Monthly Catalog    UW login not required

    The Catalog of U.S. Government Publications provides an index to print and electronic publications created by Federal agencies. When available, links are provided to the full-text of these publications. Additionally, the locate libraries feature enables users to find libraries by state or area code that can make print publications available for their use.

  • GreenFILE    UW login not required

    Environmental indexing/full-text database that selectively covers journals, magazines and government documents. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • Historical Annual Reports   

    Business full-text database that includes U.S. company annual reports from 1800s to present. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Hospitality and Tourism (Gale OneFile)   

    The Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Collection provides coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism field. It is comprised of more than 500 industry journals and current and relevant reference content. This special collection allows for focused study of all areas of the hospitality industry, including the cultural aspects of travel and leisure activities, the economic impact of tourism and more. The curious traveler also will find a wealth of information, from content on state parks to information on planning a vacation, to fulltext travel guides from Fodor’s and Hunter Publishing.

  • Humanities Index   

    Humanities indexing database that covers journal, magazine and newspaper articles published in the UK and other English-speaking countries back to 1962. On the ProQuest platform.

  • India, Raj & Empire   

    Historic full-text archive that reproduces British and Indian manuscripts from 1615 to 1947. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • International Business Online   

    International Business Online maps 4,000 learning items to the modern international business syllabus. It includes textbooks, book chapters, cases from well-known case providers like the Kellogg School of Management, corporate training videos, sample business documents and research reports. Aperian Global and Atma Global, providers of corporate training for international business professionals, are our primary partners.

  • J. P. Morgan Research   

    The database features thousands of analyst reports covering over 3,000 global companies and all industries. Derived from Morgan Markets – which is J.P. Morgan’s exclusive information for key clients and investors – these reports are made available to academic users for education and research purposes. Coverage is 2011 to current with a one week embargo. Lengthy reports cover equities and company performance, global and regional economics and financial strategy, foreign exchange, commodities, liquidity, and emerging markets.

  • Jewish Life in America c1654-1954   

    American history full-text archive that reproduces manuscripts and records on Jewish life from 1654 to 1954. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • JSTOR (Journal Storage Archive)   

    Multidisciplinary eJournal platform that provides complete back runs of journals in the following licensed collections: Arts & Sciences I-IV and VII, Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Current Scholarship and Early Journal Content. On the JSTOR platform.

  • Korea Times   

    The Korea Times is the oldest and most influential English-language newspaper in South Korea. It is globally recognized for its coverage of international business, economic and financial news, as well as perspectives on regional issues and events.

  • Making of the Modern World I, II, & III   

    The Making of the Modern World provides digital facsimile images of unique primary sources that track the development of the modern, western world through the lens of trade and wealth.

  • Mergent Online   

    Business reference database that covers US and international companies, including their government filings. On the Mergent platform. Simultaneous user limit of 3.

  • Oxford Scholarship Online   

    Oxford platform featuring academic ebooks on subjects such as religion, economics, classical studies, political science, physics, literature, and linguistics.

  • Periodicals Index Online   

    Multidisciplinary indexing database that indexes journal articles from 1665 to 1995. On the Chadwyck-Healey platform.

  • Policy File Index   

    Policy File Index is a unique resource for U.S. public policy research in that it grants users access to timely, updated information from over 350 public policy think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, research institutes, university centers, advocacy groups, and other entities. Over 75 public policy topics are covered, from foreign policy to domestic policy. The majority of Policy File Index records link directly to the full-text report, paper, document, or other sources.

  • Project Muse   

    Multidisciplinary ejournal and ebook platform that provides full-text of library-licensed journals and ebooks. On its own platform.

  • ProQuest Central   

    Database platform that includes 100-some other indexing, full-text and reference databases (listed separately). On the ProQuest platform.

  • Regional Business News   

    Business indexing/full-text database that covers American and Canadian regional business publications. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • SimplyAnalytics   

    Database providing information on demographics, marketing, consumer behavior and lifestyle segmentation, product usage, health, and business listings for the United States at all levels of geography (states, Congressional districts, counties, cities/places, zip codes, census tracts, and block groups). Data packages include US Census data back to 1980, ConneXions, Consumer Buying Power, D&B Company Data, EASI, FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, FinancialCLOUT, MRI Consumer Survey, Neilsen, PRIZM, P$YCLE, Retail Market Power, SimmonsLOCAL, and more. Supports creation of reports and maps that can be exported in a variety of formats, including shapefiles. Access limited to 3 simultaneous users.

  • Small Business Collection   

    Ideal for business schools and entrepreneurs, Small Business Collection is updated daily and provides insights, tips, strategies, and success stories. Users find more than 500 subject-appropriate, active, full-text periodicals, including: Beverage Industry, Black Enterprise, Economist, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, HR Magazine, Real Estate Weekly, Restaurant Business, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, and more.

  • Social Sciences Citation Index   

    Social science indexing database covering journal articles and citation information back to 1956. Part of Web of Science on the Web of Knowledge platform.

  • SRDS [Standard Rate and Data Service] Products   

    Marketing reference database that lists consumer magazines, direct marketing lists, local media, newspapers, radio stations, TV and cable. Also includes the annual SRDS Circulation publication compiling and analyzing circulation data for print media, and the Claritas 360 tool for analyzing and reporting on consumer demographic data. On the SRDS platform.

  • Value Line Investment Survey   

    Investment reference database that provides information on stocks, mutual funds, options and convertibles back to 1998, all with financial data back to 1931. On its own platform.

  • Virginia Company Archives   

    Historic full-text archive that reproduces company records from 1559 to 1800. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • Web of Science (core collection)   

    Multidisciplinary indexing database that combines journal citation index databases in arts & humanities, social sciences and sciences, as well as conference proceedings and book citation indexes. The Current Chemical Reactions and Index Chemicus databases are also included in the Core Collection. All component databases can be searched separately as well.

  • Wiley Online Library   

    Multidisciplinary collection of library-licensed journals and ebooks published by Wiley and associated publishers.

  • World Bank Gender Data Portal    UW login not required

    Source for the up-to-date sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics covering demography, education, health, access to economic opportunities, public life and decision-making, and agency.

  • World Development Indicators   

    Economics statistical database of world-wide development data from officially-recognized sources. On the World dataBank platform.

  • WRDS [Wharton Research Data Services]   

    Economic statistical database derived from a number of standard sources (including Compustat, CRSP, IBES, 13F, and others), and with multiple delivery options. Access requires creation of a personal account with WRDS.

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